Sat. May 8th, 2021

Volume 3 Issue 7


I went to a seminar recently, and the instructor said that to succeed, one must have a compelling principle to work by. Regarding the ministry, what would you describe as is the “compelling principle?”

I would answer your question by stating that this is indeed an important consideration for the ministry. Our work becomes easier to understand and more fulfilling if we allow our lives to be governed by, as you describe, a “compelling principle.” With respect to the ministry, I would say there are three parts to this principle.

Number one is that Christ must be central to our work. Our relationship with Him is our personal motivation. The Lord has commanded us to abide in Him, and this is our primary responsibility. We must not pursue some pseudo-professional career as a clergyman or church politician and in the process forget the primary responsibility of abiding in Christ.

Secondly, His Kingdom is our work. Our hearts and lives must be committed to the work of His Kingdom. We are the servants of Christ. He purchased this Kingdom; He is the Possessor and Protector of this Kingdom. In that context, He sets the policy and purposes within His Kingdom.

And finally, Christ is our Example in every aspect of life. All behavior must be judged by Christ. He is our example in all ethical and moral concerns. Even our ideas and programs should he Christ-like in nature.

When we see ourselves as the Servants of Christ, and that all things belong to Him, and are by Him, and that He is our source of all strength, then our work becomes infinitely easier and more fulfilling. Guide your ministry by this guiding principle and you greatly increase the chances for success.

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