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Christianity in an Anti-Christian Atmosphere

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Volume 4 Issue 1

I’ve been noticing a growing amount of anti-Christian feeling in society today. What do you think we can do to support our young people in the midst of this anti-Christian atmosphere?

Your question provokes me somewhat, because I wish I could feel better about the job I personally am doing in this area. But I can tell you that I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I’ve begun to establish in my own mind some changes to address this situation.

First, I’m convinced that we must begin to think in terms of crises. We have serious gaps between what we’re saying in our pulpits and what our young people actually understand in terms of what they are living out in their lives.

Secondly, I would suggest that our programs over the next few years be centered around three concepts or objectives:

1) To validate. We must show in a positive light that Christianity – especially Pentecostalism – is a powerful, positive lifestyle by emphasizing our heroes and our central doctrine.

2) To “target teach.” We’ve got to hit the problem with solid teaching and discussion on direct, frank discussions such as pre-marital sex, violence, and all of society’s moral issues.

3) To celebrate. People tend to hold to the things that are celebrated. By this, I mean to raise the consciousness level of every service beyond mere programmed worship to a literal “lifting up of Jesus” as opposed to just noise making.

This subject, I realize, requires more discussion. However, these areas will help to start the process of developing a positive perspective of the church within the minds of your youth, and indeed, within the main church body and the community that you’re seeking to reach.

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