Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Volume 4 Issue 1


I feel tired and discouraged most of the time. What can I do to stay enthused?

This question points out the serious pressure that ministers feel today and my short answer here can’t possibly address the issue in full. So please allow for my limited space as I touch a few things that strike me as vital.

First, absolve yourself of the responsibility of solving everybody’s problems. Point people to Christ. Our sufficiency is of Him and in Him (II. Peter 1:3). God is able!

Secondly, stop comparing your life and ministry to others. No one is on the same “life track.” God’s purpose for each life is different. Relax and be yourself. Love, give, do, and cooperate. Know your limitations in terms of time, treasure and talent.

Third, keep focused on the positive. Remember, nothing causes more frustration than fighting every petty issue. Have your convictions, hold your ground, fight for righteousness, but also keep the positive aspect of evangelization and preaching the Gospel as the primary motivation for your life.

Lay hands on the sick, baptize the lost, teach the untaught, write a new song, author a new book, reach a new community, build a school, write letters, call on the lonely, give to missions, set up an outreach, and more! That’s what gets you going and inspires!

Why be bored? Many ministers fail to have creative outlets in their personal lives. I was pleasantly shocked on an occasion when I was invited to a minister’s home and saw several outstanding paintings, which he had in brilliant fashion, put on canvas.

Finally, and my wife will laugh at the next point, but it’s very important to stay rested. Our level of strength is often directly affected by our level of rest.

Oh, and one last thing: Pray more!

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