Fri. May 7th, 2021

Volume 13 Issue 11


It seems the American culture is rapidly changing. What can we do as Apostolics?

Reality is that in the larger scope of things, Apostolics have very little influence on American culture. Perhaps I should say that the holiness life-style (separation from the world) has little impact on culture.

Truth should not be measured by how many people accept it or reject it.

Truth stands alone. Moral purity, honesty, and integrity stand alone. The Spirit’s demand is on our character, whether accepted or rejected by the world.

What can we do?

Pentecostal people certainly should exercise their rights as good citizens to join with others regardless of their religious affiliation in fighting against liberalism and the persecution against Christianity that is ever-growing in our world. If we do our best, preach our best, and in all things lift up the Name of Jesys Christ, we must, after that, put all things into His hands. Jesus is our hope in terms of salvation and our defense against this wicked world.

What can we do?

Each of us can live a righteous life. Each day we should remind ourselves that being saved, “accepted in the beloved,” is the key issue of our lives.

You might be popular with your friends in the church or your friends in the world, but it is your relationship with Jesus Christ that matters.

What can we do?

Practice good to character. Practice good manners. Practice decent behavior.

Support good people. Honor the truth. Preach the word.

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