Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Volume 13 Issue 12


Sometimes I get discouraged over saints who won’t straighten up. How can I make them obey the Word of God?

Your question reminds me of a doctor who once explained that “doctoring” is like preaching. He said the doctor can write a prescription, but unless the body reacts in a positive way to the drug, then it’s all in vain. Each individual body may react totally differently.

We’re the stewards (recipients) of the precious gospel truth. However, each individual must interpret, use, live out, express and react to the message. Each person determines by his response to the gospel its final impact on his life.

Writing prescriptions, preaching sermons or issuing mandates does not automatically mean that anything will change. The preacher may be right, but he can’t make an individual’s decision.

So, the business of training and preparing people to help you with responsibilities is critical. Let me suggest a few things that you can do to help facilitate this.

First, you must specify the job. You must know what needs to be done, and be able to articulate it plainly. Don’t try to organize and train 50 people at one time to do 50 different tasks. Pick one task and one person and train that person to do that task for you.

Secondly, develop the philosophy of asking, not telling. People hate to be told, bossed or demanded. So ask. Ask for help, and when you ask, you will be surprised at how ready people are to assist.

Thirdly, you must be prepared to compliment and reward every worker with praise and thanks. Without this, you will fail.

Prepare yourself to better understand people and learn to enjoy the thrill and excitement of working with others and through others. It will be your ministry’s greatest joy.

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