Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Volume 14 Issue 1


Do you think that Apostolics put too much emphasis on doctrine?

Doctrine, by definition, is what a group of people or a religion is about. Their doctrine or dogma defines them. The Apostles had a specific doctrine or belief. We are admonished by them to continue in that doctrine (Acts 2:42).

Romans 6:17 refers to a “form of doctrine.” This verse clearly indicates something that is specific, something that is taught, something that is understood, something that is well-known. That there was a “form of doctrine” among the Apostles is a simple fact. For Christians to be Christian, they must abide by the teachings of Christ. We would be horrified if a doctor failed to inform us of the cure for our disease. A preacher is no less obligated to preach the truth that will set men free. In this sense, one cannot over-stress the doctrine. The doctrine is the message.

Perhaps you mean, can one be insensitive toward people in preaching the truth, in delivering the message. I’ve heard it said and I often quote it: “We must be tolerant toward people, but intolerant to error.” Put another way, knowing the truth does not authorize you to be mean-spirited or unkind, but always gentle in your dealings with men.

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