Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Volume 15 Issue 9


Meme (rhymes with seem) was coined by Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins to conceptually reframe our understanding of the beliefs and values commonly accepted by members of a given community. Memes are cultural genes, the social equivalent of chromosomal genes. Just as the sum of a species genes or genetic information is called its genome, the sum of a cultures memes or memetic information is called its memome. Just as a species has genes that promote its health and survival, so a culture has memes that do the same. And just as there can be defective genes, so can there be defective memes. Dr. Jack Wheeler

Cultural Elitists and societal planners know that among the requirements necessary to control radical change are programs of reeducation. Many changes within a society or culture are natural and follow a predicable pattern. Over time, cultures change and reach new consensuses in various areas such as morals, politics, religions, ethics and so forth. However, it is also true that men devise ways and means of controlling and manipulating change. These efforts are often sold to the public as progress, or change presented as being in the interest of the people. Revolutionary planners may choose radical politics, oppressive laws, judicial pressure, economic upheaval such as inflation and money devaluation, and even war as agents of change. Such schemes are common in the history of societal evolution. Beyond these methods, a major tool used by governments and revolutionaries are programs of re-education.

Hitler and his Third Reich, if I may be forgiven for the reference, employed massive re-education programs that are well documented. The evils of Nazi Germany did not just happen. The racism that led to gas chambers was clearly developed. Most notable was the use of religion (Hitler had his own theologians) to recondition the hearts and minds of the Germans. Hitler also employed art, movies, textbooks, universities and state-sponsored re-education camps for children.

Long before the Germans invaded Poland they invaded the minds of its citizens: reeducating, reprogramming, reinventing society around the dark ugly ego of German supremacy. New German theology was developed to justify Hitlers vile intentions. In time, on every street corner, the Nazi imagery of the vision was plastered on billboards, the walls of buildings, flags, and banners. New statues of real German art appeared on walk bridges and city centers. Most people never perceived what was coming.

By the time Hitler was ready to pull the trigger in his effort become the supreme ruler of the world, the German populace was duped, conditioned, and convinced of their invincibility. History shows they were in a lock step capitulation to Hitlers evil schemes. Most, thankfully not all, became believers.

More and more the citizens of this great country are starting to ask, How many re-education programs are carefully and quietly being perpetrated on the public? The attack against Christianity by the liberal press and by the secular universities is becoming increasingly more obvious. Bash, bash, counter, argue, challenge, insult. Christianity is increasingly portrayed as an old, worn-out invention of western civilization, while the religions of the East, new-ageism, or whatever new form of spiritualism one may suggest are being lifted up as yuppie, as new (they are not, of course) and cool. Students in secular universities are required to read the Koran (in sensitivity training or multi-cultural classes) while the professors mock the Bible. Corporate retreats are being structured around the most bizarre concepts of humanism, idolatry, and ancient rites of primitive tribal religions.

Wise people listening to the pop music of our day can clearly see the seeds of destruction. Women are insulted, morals are disregarded, and vileness rules. Further, the crudeness sells big-time. But none of this just happens. It is set up. Vast amounts of money go into this kind of propagation. Billions of dollars are generated in the business of de-construction. And the owners are not the out -front entertainers, but rather large corporations whose CEOs ply the waters of the Caribbean in their yachts, while America is being de-constructed, disassembled and sold to the highest bidders. The homosexual agenda has taken over the airwaves. Television, with few exceptions, is their pulpit and their message is getting through to our young people. They are changing societys feelings about marriage, morals, and even Bible interpretation.

Our government, many believe, is in a program of reeducation. De-Christianization has been in play for a long while through judicial activism. Globalism demands a New World Order and we Americans are being asked to relinquish our sovereignty, dismiss as inevitable the infiltration of our borders, submit our citizens to world courts; all in the presumed interest of a higher order.

Now the heart of the matter: The church. The Bible. The message of Jesus as the only Name. The idea of absolute truth is being lost. Christians are being re-educated to embrace many paths to God, to co-exist with any lie. The attitude is, Dont be against anything (because to do so is negative.) Never rebuke.

Can we be Apostolic without condemning false doctrine? Synchronization is the concept that destroyed ancient Israel. The few good Kings of Judah had to clear the temple of idols. The idols were an effort to be politically correct, at the expense of pureness, holiness, and a sacred relation with Jehovah. The false prophets had convinced the beloved, delivered, manna-fed children of Israel that the idolaters world and their religion made a better ally than merely trusting in the Word of God. They compromised their future for the convenience of the moment.

People give up what they possess and who they are when they are reaching for something else they perceive to be better, even when that perception is misguided. The flirtatious married man seeks to renew his youth by having an affair. He destroys his family. When greed over-powers the businessman, he makes bad decisions; he corrupts his business. When the church seeks the approval of the world, and the friendship of the world; and then reaches for it, and lusts after it; when it begins to matter too much, then the church begins to re-program itself, re-defines its meanings, soften its revelations. If today the new objective is to pat the world on the back, then that will require a new vocabulary, compromising dialog, less clarity, and more duplicitous preaching. If that is not the objective, then the people of God should just be apostolic. Let the other Christian communities be whatever they choose.

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