Volume 16 Issue 1


The future is up for grabs. This is good news for revolutionaries, but bad news for society at large. How is that America has changed so rapidly? Has it just suddenly flipped from Judeo-Christian consciousness to secular amoral consciousness on its own, or are there other forces at play? If so, what are these forces? If not, then how has this shift in consciousness happened so quickly?

I would like to think that everything will remain the same; that the familiar surroundings will always be familiar, and will serve to remind me of home. I would like to think that people will always be just as they have been, and will provide the same encouragement and comfort that friendship generally entails.

I would like to think that my country will always be the land of the free and the home of the brave. However, even in the most normal of times, this is of course wishful thinking, and these are not normal times.

In his recent book The Marketing of Evil, David Kupelian posits that there are certain forces driving the dramatic changes that are presently unfolding. According to Kupelian, this is not just a normal shift of ideas and beliefs that one might expect to come as the result of changing circumstances brought on by advancements in technology, or political evolution, but rather the planned and deliberate marketing of agendas that are intended to realign Americans views. He contends that the purpose of this ultimate marketing campaign is to form a new society that is devoid of the traditional and historic definitions of what is normal, right, moral, and Christian.

Further, Kupelian describes a spirit that has gripped America. It is a spirit of rebellion that seeks to promote the lower base things, and a plethora of antisocial behavioral trends for the purpose of making the point that there is no authority, and that God is irrelevant. This spirit expresses itself in the form of sexual deviancy, tattoos, piercings, homosexuality, and other such bizarre things that cannot be mentioned in this article.

Kupelian says, History is full of times and places when something call it a spirit if you wish sweeps over a particular society. This something is drawn, as into a vacuum, into societies that have lost their way and have harkened to the voice of deceitful leaders and philosophies True, mass conformity even to bizarre beliefs and practices can be explained somewhat by the sheer power of peer pressure, but there is more to it. It’s more akin to mass hypnosis, where large numbers of people simultaneously adopt the same bizarre mind-set, beliefs, and practices. Such instances of spiritual possession of a society, of a people made ripe for such a downward transformation by their sins and rebellion against God, are evident throughout history. It’s likely we have all heard this before, especially those of us in the Church, but what is significant is, as Kupelian points out, we see this spirit, this evil, but we do nothing.

The world is sucking up the church and leaving little to separate Christian life from the secular, yet our people are paralyzed. They send our children home because they dare to bring a small New Testament to school, and we do nothing. The public square is ripped of any Christian symbols, and we return the same Godless politicians to office.

They refuse to include even the smallest Christian reference to be displayed in shopping malls and stores, while Christians are buying Christmas gifts, spending billions of dollars, and making rich the merchants who are instilling their version of Christmas, full of Santa Clause imagery and materialism, into the hearts of our children. It is criminal.

Yes, the culture is up for grabs. The country is up for grabs. The churches are up for grabs. Do we care enough to stand in the gap? Do we care enough to fight? Will our hands emerge to pull our children from the mouths of the enemy, or will we allow the hands of evil take hold of their minds?

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