Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

volume 16 issue 2
Flash Point Ministries

If a church congregation runs less than fifty people, can it be an effective and integral part of the work of God?

Bro. Robert Akers of London, KY, gives a resounding yes. As pastor of Tree of Life Fellowship, he is striving to teach a think big, faith-based perspective to his people and the youth in particular.

With a desire to broaden the fellowship opportunities of the youth in Southeast Kentucky churches, Bro. Akers and a committee of leaders began to devise ways to strengthen and bless each other, while reaching for the lost in their communities. A united effort has led to the creation of Flashpoint! Ministries.

The group is going into schools and local communities to build relationships, Bro. Akers said. Its a long term, deeply-rooted effort in evangelism.

Flashpoint has a monthly service, where the dress is casual, the praise and worship is contemporary, and the fellowship warm in the ministrys coffee shop after services.

There are several aspects of the ministry. One is the Ready to Be Free Crusades. These crusades are a one-day local event where the Flashpoint! Ministries gathers to partner with one of the local churches and help evangelize the community.

Teaching the young people how to reach out and help others is a way to inspire confidence, Bro. Akers said. There are numerous blessings in working together for a good cause.

The Youth For Jesus Missions Trip is a two-day event in an urban location, such as Indianapolis. The group travels and spends two days working in the local community, reaching out to invite, pray with, and minister to the needy in the area. The group camps out of the church with their chaperones. On Friday evening they have service. Saturday is geared to outreach.

It may seem strange for small churches to be coming along-side larger ones, but we feel that our youth have something to offer. And it benefits us when our youth are exposed to new cultures, he said.

When the group travels to minister they accept no offerings, but rather they earn money and sponsor their own way. They want to be a blessing to whatever community they go into.

For more information on the Flashpoint! Ministries contact: or (606) 330-0657.

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