Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Volume 16 Issue 2


NBC created a stir when they failed to report to viewers that the M&Ms giant balloon had crashed into a street lamp and injured two sisters during the famous Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City.

Rather than report what had actually happened during the event, the news channel quickly substituted last years footage of the M&M balloon to keep the entertainment factor of the broadcast free from any bad news. Since the injuries were minor to the two sisters, one could conclude it was no big deal, however, it does point out an important matter. We know only what someone wants us to know. We never see the real parade.

Media bias is a reality. While the world is experiencing revolution, terrorism, genocide, major political realignments, and while rogue nations are developing nuclear weapons, the media is filled with meaningless banter and silliness. Why is this? Are we addicted to the circuses playing in the coliseum while our country burns? Are we being manipulated?

Conceding that humans need some entertainment and laughter, I dont mean to sound severe; but when I pick up a newspaper void of any real news I can hardly stand it. How much reporting do we need about Hollywood personalities? In fact, this is not reporting at all but merely churned out press releases for the purpose of grabbing headlines and selling the next product. As all entertainment personalities know well, any press, even bad press, is better than no press all. We know little of the true private lives, morals, ideas, religions and agendas of these types; but we think we know, which is part of the problem. Remember, we are seldom seeing the real parade.

Powerful things are unfolding in our world: genocide in Zimbabwe, a rising tide of anti-Americanism, the collapse of morals world-wide, the de-Christianization of America, the persecution of Christians, the pressure of China upon the world economy, and the control of learning institutions by liberal professors. Not only does the media in general fail to properly address these and other such issues for the average citizen, so does the church. The Church (broadly speaking) has become non-prophetic. Preaching that doesnt consider the issues of our time misses the point of preaching. The loss of doctrinal preaching and the loss of a righteous ideology in preaching leaves the Christian world adrift and fearful.

Where is the real parade? Are we seeing the fruition of Antonio Gramscis radical plan for capturing the culture coming to past? Gramsci was the founder of the Italian Communist Party. He was a clever thinker who offered the idea that the way Marxists could come to power was by taking over the cultural institutions such as schools, universities, churches, movies and theater. He reasoned that if a small number of elitists could capture the institutions, in time, they could capture the thinking of millions and the culture. The war on culture is the real parade of the day; under-reported, under-rated, and undisclosed, it marches on. Those of us from the sixties may recall that the proposed strategy of the Marxists was to begin the long march through the institutions. We may well be seeing the results of that effort.

America, it would seem, can hardly wait for the next reality TV show, the next episode of some vulgar soap-opera, the new version of x-box, or the next big Wal-Mart sale. No wonder our critics think we are too morally and spiritually weak to win any of the major conflicts that the world inevitably will toss our way. The old America that gave birth to Greatest Generation (Tom Brokaw) is gone. We are watching a parade but it is fictitious, made-up and fake. We have very little knowledge of the real parade. I heard someone say recently, that the ticking sound you are hearing is not your clock: call the bomb squad.

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