Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Volume 16 Issue 12


Let’s put the dead reindeer on the table and deal with it right away because it sure is stinking up the room.

America is, as some of our enemies have announced, a sinking nation. I could not help but notice the visual displayed on the Drudge Report on November 13 showing a symbol of America that had fallen through an hour glass and was broken. Behind that was the symbol of Israel dropping and headed for the same unavoidable crash. The hourglass image made clear the idea that the clock was ticking and that it was just a matter of time until the U.S. and Israel and all of western civilization were headed for destruction.

Many Americans know that indeed our country is in trouble. But it is not for a lack of resources, armies, powers, economic strength or talent; it is a lack of conviction and desire. We are spiritually weak. We need a revival of ideals and identity. Our enemies, of course, see this also and are counting on that weakness and lack of resolve to bring down this country.

While many Americans see the problem, others don’t. Some don’t care, and others are over-confident. It is so easy to find people everywhere who have “no clue” what is happening in the world; no clue as to the consequences of their behavior or their choices at the voting booth. America’s veneer is wearing thin. The years of MTV and endless entertainment are taking their toll. The cost of dumbing down everything from education to church has become a wild fire charring the minds of the masses, blackening America’s soul and her morals. This is the dead reindeer on the table: our country’s inability to think and to acknowledge its spiritual weakness.

Politicians ignore the laws, buy the votes of illegal immigrants, commit themselves to a ‘globalistic’ economy that trashes our national sovereignty, while they shower their friends with vulgar wealth. A vast number of nations, including the U.S., close their hearts and their eyes to the genocide sweeping across Africa at the hands of blood-thirsty Islamics. Private empires that define themselves as socialistic cannibalize Central America and parts of South America. And there is no hope in sight for real change.

And why should the politicians be concerned? They can see that Americans are mindlessly glued to reality TV and Oprah, and are making international multimillionaire celebrities out of the likes of Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O’Donnell and Elton John, who recently declared that all religion should be outlawed. When will we exact punishment on those who are advocating the destruction of our country, our religious foundations, and our morals?

Worse yet, the church lacks discernment. We are near a total state of complete disconnect from spiritual wisdom. If anything will kill the church it will be a lack of divine understanding. It is downright amazing, to me, how drunk some church people have become, hoping that they will be accepted by the world or that they will make a big splash in the markets (so to speak). While the world is being swamped with Anti-Christian hatred, most of “Christian TV” deals with miracle seed offerings and impossibly silly programming. But who cares? Who understands the consequences of such things?

This Christmas, massive international retail operations will seduce billions and billions of dollars from shoppers while refusing even to acknowledge that we are celebrating Christmas. How dumb are we to tolerate this?

Personally, I think we must reconnect with our identity in Christ. Know who you are and what your purpose is. We must exalt Christ, fight the fight of faith, preach the Word, live the life, and be Christians 24 hours a day. I longed to see the day when “MERRY CHRISTMAS’ is spoken with respect and love; but I fear this will never be in this country — at least not until we wake up and deal with the dead reindeer of denial that is smelling up the room.

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