Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Volume 17 Issue 9


There are many good books on the market for leaders of all sorts. Some are good and other are not so good. In order to judge what is appropriate for a Christian leader, there are several key questions to ask about the material you are considering:

1) Is God introduced in the reading material, and if so, in what context? Many will use the word, “god” but in a non-biblical context. They’ll use it as a swear word or in a New Age sense. We must be careful to avoid Godless material.

2) Does the book you are reading show only the materialistic side of life? Remember that materialism alone can never be the criteria for success. There are other, more important aspects of life. Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on positive, uplifting things. Allow your mind to be filled with the beauty of life, and not just materialistic things.

3) Does the author suggest that God is interested in helping all men succeed, regardless of their manner of life? There are some who feel that God isn’t concerned about how you live and is interested in helping all people, even liars and immoral people. That simply is not true.

4) What does the book suggest is the source of our confidence? Should we trust in Christ or in our flesh? Remember that Paul said our confidence is in Christ. Material that suggest we can make it on our own should be avoided in favor of that which suggest a dependence on God.

Much can be gained from a good book, sometimes even a secular one. Just be sure that you reading material maintains a view of life consistent with Scripture

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