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The Dots Connect

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Volume 18 Issue 7


The dots are being connected and finally the average person, the man on the street, the regular folks, the coffee shop councils, and the Monday quarterbacks are beginning to figure it out. The picture is emerging.

America and most of the world have been constructing a globalist political and economic strategy for decades. Michael Mandelbaum in his book, The Ideas That Have Conquered The World gives us a profound paragraph that summarizes the prevailing situation.

The commanding position of free markets and, to a lesser extent democracy, the dramatic devaluation of war, and the absence of a plausible alternative to global order characterize the conduct of human affairs at the outset of the third millennium.

Mandelbuam postis that three grand ideas; peace, democracy, and free markets, have conquered the world. Under the banner of these ideas a global system is being assembled. This is often referred to as Woodrow Wilsons Triad. Like many scholars, Mandelbaum contends that the 9-11 attack on America was an attack on global order, not just America. However, the U.S. is the leader of this new global order and posses the largest store of military and economic power and thus bears the heaviest burden of defending the new global institutions. Terrorist could knock down the twin towers, but as he notes, they could not dislodge the system that these buildings embodied.

If one is listening closely to the political jargon during this election year he can clearly hear the tone of globalism and internationalism. The pundits are saying that the system must prevail. Note the phrase the absence of a plausible alternative. This is a vital component, in understanding the condition of our world. The powerbrokers see no plausible alternative to the humanistic world government path they are on. Sadly, they have co-opted many conservatives who should be advocating for alternatives. Of course, it sounds good, noble even: a path to peace, a hope for all mankind. The emerging sentiment is becoming clear: they will protect the system at all cost.

The reason why our government does not protect its borders is not much of a mystery anymore, if it ever was. It has become obvious that even the sovereignty of America is being burnt as a sacrifice on the altar of Multi-national corporations, free markets. Questions directed to any political candidate on the subject of sovereignty as it relates to our constitution, religious freedom, and individual rights, will be met with practiced lines of political gobbley gook intended to deceive.

Clearly, the elitists do not see the average citizen as part of the discussion, especially those who do not subscribe to the politically correct philosophies and theories that have been doled out as education in our schools and institutions for years. Furthermore they believe that the socialization of our government and our society is in the best interest of all concerned. The will of the people, the concept of a republic, majority rule, and freedom, are old-school paradigms.

Antonio Gramscis long march through the institutions is almost complete. Gramsci was a Maxist social philosopher who taught that society and its authorities, such as religion (the hegemonies), needed to be deconstructed. He knew that this deconstruction could be accomplished over time though socialist teaching by intellectuals at all levels within the learning institutions. This agenda was implemented in America. It explains, in part, why we feel that brick wall of resistance to anything we call certain or absolute, such as Christianity, Jesus, or the plan of salvation.

Over the past thirty years, I have attended hundreds of lectures, meetings, congressional hearings, academic forums, religious summits, political planning conventions, and world diversity seminars. Consistently, my observation is that one theme is repeated over and over and it is seldom challenged. The message is that nations must become one. All national agendas must synchronize. No religion, no government or no system has the right to exist outside the centralized mega-states.

Start connecting the dots and the antichrist beast emerges. Dots: Anti-Christianity, anti-authority, open-borders, judges overruling the will of the people, homosexual marriages, abortion, science without ethics, North American Union, persecution of Christian values in universities and schools, new-age philosophies, disregard for morals, Americas submissions to international courts, outsourcing of jobs, massive Muslim immigration in Europe, diversity training at every level, liberation theology in churches, social medicine, collapse of Christianity in Europe, enforced political correctness, worldwide hate crimes laws, secularism, relativism, rise of new religions, extreme taxation, and the list goes on.

Where are we? We are in the middle of a huge war. We are in the endtimes. There is a plausible alternative. A Pentecostal Revival!

Tragically, deconstructions exist not only in the political realm. They have invaded the church and dots of confusion and deception are contributing to the endtime falling away. The church is in need of certitude. I cant see how revival and fresh anointing can come through indifference. I know that I need to care more. Do more. Pray more. Preach more clearly. The time is short. I see the effects of political correctness in our own Apostolic young people. It is a serious matter. I hear strands of postmodern theologies, new-ageism, and false concept in sermons and songs. Too often these delusions are accepted without thought, praised as if they are clever, innovative, relative, and vital to the moment.

One man asked the question, does liberation theology, really liberate? This is a good question. If we imagine a New Christ, a New Gospel, a New Spirit, can these constructs save? (II Corinthians 11:4)but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed (Galatians 1:7-8).

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