Indiana Bible College students may choose from two programs of study: Biblical Studies or Worship Studies. Degrees include Bachelor of Arts and Associates degrees in Biblical Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Worship Studies.

Worship Studies Department

The Worship Studies Department at IBC offers both a Bachelor of Arts in Church Music or a Bachelor in Biblical Studies with a Worship Studies Minor. Also available to students who already hold a Bachelor’s degree in Music is an accelerated One-Year Bachelor of Arts in Church Worship Studies with a Theology Minor. At the heart of the IBC music curriculum is a firm belief in the active approach of student involvement, leadership training and development. Our students participate in a 150-voice choir, 50-voice chorale, 50-voice ensemble, and 25-piece orchestra. In addition, various music groups travel throughout the year to minister in churches and at national conferences. The annual IBC Live Recording project is completely student-driven. Our talented students author many of the songs recorded and serve as the musicians and soloists.

Biblical Studies Department

The Biblical Studies program offers a wide range of foci to help each student discern and succeed in the field of ministry God places them in by offering both general training and more specific focused ministry education. The Biblical Studies Department offers the following minors:

Theology Minor

Our Theology Department is about commitment to the Word of God and designs its program to help students defend and declare the Apostolic doctrine by providing courses such as Apologetics, Oneness Theology, Hermeneutics, Eschatology and others. Students are offered the unique balance of a challenging class environment and supportive ministerial mentoring in an effort to prepare them to meet their goals. Beyond the classroom, students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for hands-on ministry training. The IBC Ministerial Student Association (MSA) sends groups of students to minister in churches throughout the surrounding areas. IBC Community Impact teams plan and participate in outreach efforts and mentor at-risk school children. IBC Accent allows upperclassmen the opportunity to preach at IBC-sponsoring church, Calvary Tabernacle.

International Studies/Missions Minor

The International Studies/Missions Minor at IBC is designed to equip young men and women with the tools, mentoring and experience they will need to become active in missions ministry both locally and abroad. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of practical missions opportunities to enhance their learning experience. Courses include Cultural Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Communication, Spanish Evangelism and more.

Religious Education Minor

Students who choose the Religious Education Minor follow a curriculum emphasizing the art of teaching, instructional methodology, and the psychology of learning. Special emphasis is given to the ministry of teaching in church and missions settings, as well as within Christian schools. Partnership with Calvary Christian School offers IBC Religious Education students a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from members of an outstanding Apostolic Christian school faculty and administration.

Social Science/Counseling Minor

Our Social Science Minor offers a unique combination of courses for students wanting to develop leadership, administrative and counseling skills. Courses include Sociology, Psychology, Communication, Leadership and Counseling. This minor helps prepare students to effectively minister to the hurting and provides a foundation for those who plan to continue their education in counseling-related fields.

Communications & Media Minor

There is growing demand in churches for workers who are proficient with media, technology and the latest in Internet and electronic communication. Indiana Bible College through the Communications/Media Minor equips students to serve in a wide range of these types of ministries. IBC students are trained in videography using the latest in editing technology, Final Cut Pro. Students are introduced to graphic and web design, church presentation software, and audio mixing and recording. Course offerings include Video Production, Youth Culture and Media, Public Relations Writing, Desktop Publishing and others.

Youth Ministry Minor

The Youth Ministry Minor is designed to equip students who will be working with youth evangelism and ministry. Instructors work to teach future Student Pastors and youth workers how to use creative and cutting-edge methodology without compromising the Apostolic message. Classes address subjects such as: developing successful youth events that are oriented toward Godly fellowship, helping youth connect to right and healthy relationships with leadership in their lives, and effectively working and communicating with parents.

Worship Studies Minor

The Biblical Studies Department offers a core curriculum to help enhance the training of  music ministers who feel they will have a “dual-focus” in ministry. Partnering with the Worship Studies Department, this minor gives more training in focused theology both in worship studies and biblical studies. This minor strengthens both sides of the student’s call.

Accelerated Programs for Transfer & Continuing Students One-Year (OYB) & Two-Year (TYB) (See page 26 and 27 for more details)

IBC has designed two programs to serve students who have already pursued secular educations. These programs provide the firm foundation of the Bible and ministry training unique to a Bible college education without requiring an additional four years of college.

IBC’s One-Year Bachelor (OYB) program is open to students who have received a bachelor’s degree (approximately 120+ credit hours) from another higher education institution. This accelerated degree track allows the student to concentrate their studies by taking primarily upper-level courses. This BA in Biblical Studies program requires 38 credit hours and can be completed in just two semesters. Also available to students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in music is a special One-Year BA in Worship Studies with Theology Minor.

IBC also offers an accelerated program tailored to students who have completed an associate’s degree (approximately 60+ credit hours) from another institution. This Two-Year Bachelor’s (TYB) program requires the student to take 64 credit hours, which include pre-selected Biblical Studies courses as well as several electives. This degree program allows the student to graduate with a BA in Biblical Studies in just two years.

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