Fri. May 7th, 2021


What Are You Hearing and Seeing?

By Brian Norman

It is amazing how much of the Bible focuses on our hearing and vision. There are positive and negative things associated with our hearing and vision; it all depends upon what we are hearing and seeing. Psalms 101:3 says, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.” For years people have used this passage in support of not owning a TV, due to its overwhelmingly evil content. Yet the truth is this principle applies way beyond TV.

Notice the wordage used in Psalms 101:3: that turn aside. The reality is there are many dream killers in this world. They come in the form of things that attack the holy nature inside every believer filled with the Holy Ghost, as well as in the form of sabotage seeking to persuading God’s man and people to “turn aside” from what Jesus Christ Himself has promised them. Anything, everything and everyone that seeks to turn us aside should be avoided like the plague. When the holy nature of the thing God has given us, being in His Kingdom under His reign, is attacked, we should avoid that. When our ability to hear and see God’s plan of blessing and abundance is being diverted or diluted we should avoid that. At the moment we can no longer influence something or someone to be holy and conducive to the voice and vision of God – it should be avoided!

If you desire to bear fruit, to see the Kingdom expand and your church grow, then let me ask you – whose voice and vision are listening to and seeing? If it is not God’s, then evaluate your life and friends and pursue the King of all Kings. He has promised fruit, declared victory and has a voice that speaks salvation and a vision of an abundance of fruit and victory. Yes, my friend, Jesus Christ has destined for you to be victorious and you as a man of God to minister with authority, power and signs following. Yes, Jesus Christ has declared it His will and desire for your church to grow. Get in line and get in step; God’s got a work for you to do.

Brian Norman travels full-time globally ministering. His past experience includes Pastoring and Church Planting.  Phone: 636-544-0627

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