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Healing For The Nations by Michelle L. Young

Tell us about yourself and your burden for God’s work.

My name is Michelle Young. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I was baptized in Jesus name in 1996 and since then I have had a burden for lost. I enjoy working with young people and spend a lot of time with them. I also enjoy writing my thoughts and sometimes even my prayers out on paper. I love it when I have the opportunity to reach people with the gospel of Jesus. My prayer is for a harvest of souls.

While working in a Christian bookstore in our city for over 11 years, I have seen sick people healed as they were prayed for. I have been blessed to pray with people that have received the Holy Ghost and were baptized in Jesus’ name. God gave me a vision during this time, and I began writing Two Trees and Twelve Fruits That Will Change Your Life Forever. At first I thought that it would be a soul winning book for the people in my own life. As I began to write, it became even more.

How did you come to know the Lord? I grew up going to a Baptist church with my mom and brother; Dad wouldn’t come. I believed in God and His Word and prayed throughout my childhood. I remember, when I was about seven years old, a Sunday school lesson was taught about how the name of Jesus was very powerful and anything that we asked in His name that He would answer. I especially remembered that lesson, because every day after school a friend and I were bullied and chased about five blocks on our way home.

One day my friend was sick, and I walked home alone. The bell went off and I ran, but the bullies were right behind me. I made it as far as the house right across the street from mine, but I was cornered. I remembered that Sunday school lesson and though I was scared, I shouted, “In Jesus name leave me alone!” They laughed at me while they were walking away, but they never bothered me or my friend again. It was then that I began to know the power that was in the name of Jesus.

As I grew into my teen years, I had a hard time understanding why God would send His Son to die and why He wouldn’t have come Himself. It just didn’t make sense to me. I had many questions and wondered about a lot of things.

During these years my grandmother, whom I was very close to, also passed away and I was devastated. With her passing, I came face-to-face with the bitterness of death for the first time. I thought God had abandoned me. I lived in fear and anxiety and felt there was absolutely no purpose to life. Yet there was always a longing in my heart to find truth.

Making My Way

I made my way through high school. In a few more years, I began selling vacuums door-to-door. This is where I met my husband-to-be. We both did very well in sales but spent most of the money that we made going to bars with friends. My life was a mess; we moved around from city to city. We still weren’t married and nothing seemed to work out for us even though we thought we were doing well.

And then we found out we were going to have a baby. We had no stability, no finances to support a child; we didn’t even have furniture. I was afraid of everything that had to do with doctors, hospitals and medical procedures of any kind. Birth just seemed a lot like death to me in a twisted sense. It was then I remembered how powerful prayer was and began to turn back to searching for God and truth!

Learning to Pray

I did not know how to pray, so I made a cardboard box with the words “With God all things are possible written on it. I taped it up except for an opening to fit an envelope and began writing my prayers out to God. One by one He began to answer.

On January 25, 1994 our daughter, Ashley, was born. She was full-term yet weighed only 3 lbs. 14 oz. It was during this pregnancy that I broke out in eczema from head to toe. I had spent quite a bit of money on trying to keep it under control. Nothing helped for very long. Our little girl cried a lot and doctors didn’t know why. I needed answers; I needed Jesus! We lost our business and moved in with my parents and put our belongings in storage.

How were you led into the truth?

One day on a simple routine drive to our storage unit, God gave me a revelation of who He is. I started to read from a small New Testament Bible that we kept in our vehicle. I turned to my husband and said, “Do you know who Jesus is?” My husband said, “No, what do you mean?” I said excitedly, “He is God! He came to earth to feel what we feel; He came to be human like us, and He put skin on!”

That night we prayed three prayers. First, we wanted to get married, because we knew we weren’t living right. And second, we asked the Lord to help us get our own home to raise our family and finally have stability. And third, we wanted to be baptized.

Things began to take a turn when a call came from a friend we hadn’t spoken to in a while. This friend used to make fun of people who read the Bible or talked about God. Now, he was on the other end of the phone witnessing to us about God. He was a new Christian and had been healed and changed. He knew why things weren’t working out for us. He told us to get the Bible and turn to Acts 2:38.

After we read that, he told us to call all the churches in our area and see if they baptized in Jesus name and if they didn’t to hang up. After calling all churches in our phone book, we found not one that baptized in the name of Jesus. We called our friend back and told him our results. “Well, then you need to travel here because my church baptizes the Bible way,” he explained. He was 18 hours away, and we didn’t have a cent to our name, only a vehicle. Somehow, the money for gas was put in our account. We packed up our belongings and began a new journey, a walk of faith. We were baptized in Jesus name on October 6, 1996 and married five days later. This was the best decision that we had ever made in our lives!

How did you come to write this book?

In 2007, our second daughter was born (13 years after our first daughter) and thus triggered the worst case of eczema I had experienced. My skin was so bad that it was raw and leathery-looking in appearance. I lost my hair and even my fingernails thinned out. I would scratch until my skin bled, and still there was no relief. Doctors offered no help to me and the loss of sleep made me feel like I was losing my mind. I prayed, friends prayed, the church prayed and yet it didn’t seem like anything was helping, until it reached a peak. My condition was so bad that the pain from the scratching made it hard even to move my neck.

It was Sunday, and I almost didn’t go to church, yet I forced myself. As I sat there, the preaching was going forth, it felt like the same as it always did each time I went. There was the altar call, and I didn’t move because I just didn’t feel like I had the strength to fight this anymore. My husband reached back for me, and we went up. As he prayed for me, our assistant pastor came over and prayed too. The tears just flowed as I gave it all to God. The words of the prayer went something like this, “Lord Jesus, let healing virtue flow from her head to her toes … and when she is healed, may she give You the glory and testify.” I began to whisper, “I will testify.” I became louder, “I will testify,” until I shouted, “Lord, I will testify!” Seven days later, I was healed, and I will testify . . .

What is the purpose of your book?

The writing of Two Trees and Twelve Fruits That Will Change Your Life Forever began in 2008 and became my testimony of trial, healing and triumph. In the book, I have mentioned the physical healing properties of certain fruits that God has created for us. I also talk about emotional and spiritual healing and how it can affect our physical bodies. I talk about trial and growth, as well as how the seasons of this life are vital to us, and how storms are needed for growth. There is a difference between the storms that we go through and the trial that is by fire, and to know their purpose during these difficult times.

Within the pages of this book the reader may find purpose, answers and healing, to those who are seeking to find it. My prayer is that this book will draw people to the Word of God to find out for themselves who He is and what purpose He has placed in them. Jesus is the Great Physician, the Way-maker, the Miracle Worker and so much more. Answers to all of life’s questions are there to be discovered through Him in His Word.

While writing the book, our son Joshua was born; he is a miracle and our little fighter. I had many complications throughout this pregnancy and was even asked if I wanted to terminate the pregnancy. This was not an option because we know that this child is created by God and is not just an image on a screen to be deleted. Needless to say, he has come through general anesthesia six times because of heart procedures and operations. His heart operation alone was a 7 1/2 hour procedure. He has been on life support and has come through many challenges, all before he was six months old. He is now amazing all of his doctors. The hands that have been taking care of Joshua are the hands of the “Greatest Physician” of all. Joshua is on no medications whatsoever and is eating from the fruits and nutrients that are written about in my book. “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26.

Two Trees and Twelve Fruits That Will Change Your Life Forever can be purchased from my website: and through Pentecostal Publishing House. Contact me:

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