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Iron Clad for Kids

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Volume 24 Issue 4

Iron Clad for Kids  by Nan Pamer

 Iron Clad is an Apostolic superhero who teaches kids how to be strong in God. His part of the Iron Clad for Kids curriculum deals with the dangers of too much technology keeping kids from their God-destiny (the plan God has for their lives).

 “There are great DVDs that help make the learning fun; music that gets the kids moving, activities that give them backbones of iron!” said Sis. Nan Pamer, who developed the curriculum. “The lesson centers around 10 Bible characters that stand for truth. Many were young when they had to take a stand. The curriculum works hard to build strong character in kids, making them unafraid to stand up for what is right.

 “Along with the lesson, a phrase is taught that goes with the character. For example, Daniel said, ‘I will do what’s right.’ The kids know that Daniel was a young person who did what was right, regardless! Each week they learn a new character with a new phrase. At the end of 10 weeks, the phrases go together to make an awesome SNAPS! Choir. The kids say the phrases while snapping their fingers. It is really great!” adds Sis. Pamer.

 One of the Iron Clad for Kids DVDs includes lessons about: 1) God-Destiny (God has a great plan for every kid’s life); 2) Instant Decision (Kids must learn to say an immediate “yes” to God and “no” to the world. Deciding instantly is crucial!); 3) Super Power (Iron Clad gets his power from the Holy Ghost, and it must be renewed regularly).

 Kindergarten through sixth grade is the target age. “It has been such a hit with the kids in our church,” states Sis. Pamer, who attends ???. “We use the lessons in mid-week services because it is a good time slot for challenging the kids to grow in their knowledge of God.”

 Also, the set includes a DVD showing all the parts of the curriculum and how to teach them: 1) the SNAPS! Choir phrases for the kids to learn; 2) Iron Clad teaching his moves and his lessons; 3) skits of Iron Clad teaching a young ermine, Slinky, how to stand for truth, even though she messes up a lot; 4) a CD of the Iron Clad theme music; 5) the Bible character lessons; 6) a Power Point presentation and 7) a craft-time segment.

 Sis. Pamer said her goal with the Iron Clad curriculum was “to show the kids that they must not give in to pressures and they must develop their strength in God early!”

 The cost for Iron Clad for Kids is $149. It can be ordered through the website; or calling the church at 330.745.5550, ext 114.


IBC Perspectives Volume 24 Issue 4


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