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Sis. DeLaRosa, tell us a little about yourself and your ministry involvement:

My husband, Manny, and I have been involved in ministry for more than 21 years. As new converts, our ministry began with a singular passion for teaching Bible studies. As our love for God’s Word grew, we quickly saw other doors open. In the early years, we enjoyed ministering together as Sunday school teachers, choir members and youth leaders. While Manny expanded into a greater role ministering God’s Word, I continued helping in the areas of women’s ministry and the nursery department, as we had three young children.

Over the years, Manny’s career opportunities relocated our family to different cities throughout the United States. Although it was challenging to start over each time in a new church, we lived by a simple motto: “We must make ourselves available to do God’s work.” This approach served us well as we continued to minister at every opportunity. In addition, my professional background as a creative director in advertising became a valuable asset. As my husband’s ministry grew, I began to use my design skills to assist him in areas of outreach, church administration and ministry advertising.

One of our most recent involvements in ministry found both of us employed full-time at Christian Life Center in Stockton, California. Manny worked as a staff pastor and principal of a parochial school while I worked in the church office assisting various ministries. Together, we became involved in a number of ministries including Small Groups, Membership, Baptismal Team, and of course teaching Bible studies. In fact, Manny’s commitment to teach grew into a weekly Sunday morning Bible class supported by a diverse number of students ranging from new converts to long-standing members.

Today, our desire to follow God wherever He leads is stronger than ever. We currently serve under the leadership of Bro. Dale and Sis. Patricia Eason at Life Covenant Sanctuary in Bradenton, Florida. God continues to open new doors of opportunity as we make ourselves available to speak to both individuals and groups about God’s message of faith, hope and healing. We know firsthand that the spoken power of God’s Word can bring the miraculous into our lives.

Please share the testimony of your healing.

My testimony begins in late September 2010 after the results of a routine mammogram were found to be abnormal. I had always been a health-conscious person and very proactive with my family and personal healthcare. For this reason, the test results were surprising. At first, I really did not believe there was any reason to be alarmed. I was even naïve enough to think that “abnormal” could mean something other than cancer.

This way of thinking turned out to be a crucial mistake. Instead of researching my options before moving forward, I carelessly agreed to the next recommended step of a needle biopsy. Although this was presented to me as a safe, non-invasive procedure it turned out to be the determining factor in what would become a downward spiral of events.

From the moment Manny and I learned of the abnormal mammogram we embarked on an incredible journey of faith. Many times Manny had spoken on the necessity of faith. Through his Bible studies we were both well versed in how God delivered, provided, protected and healed those with faith. We had counseled and prayed for people that their faith would be strong. Now we were the ones in need, and it was our turn to stretch our faith.

Within a few days I received a phone call confirming a diagnosis of breast cancer. Specifically, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, a common but serious form of breast cancer. Admittedly, nothing had prepared either of us for hearing those words. The phrase “test of faith” was very familiar. In the past, it had been easy to say but now these words would define our life. With the weight of this news, we chose to maintain our normal work, school and ministry schedule while praying fervently for God to intervene.

My diagnosis was further complicated by the presence of the HER2 factor. At the time, we were unaware that this caused the cancer to act extremely aggressive resulting in rapid growth. In my case this happened at an alarming rate. It was as if an explosion had occurred inside my body after the biopsy. Not even my doctors could explain how fast the cancer had spread. In short, when I was diagnosed the cancer site was microscopic with a very good prognosis. In less than two weeks following the biopsy, the cancer went from microscopic to engulfing the whole right breast. Then in less than three weeks following surgery the pathology report revealed that the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in the center of my chest, my liver and spine. Suddenly, we were facing a stage IV diagnosis with very little hope of survival. Everything appeared to be spiraling out of control. It seemed the harder we sought God, the worse our situation became. Nevertheless, our faith was not in the doctors or their negative reports. We had determined from the beginning that God was our answer. Although we did not know how or when, we trusted that God would provide my healing.

The rapid spreading and aggressive nature of the cancer led us to believe that chemotherapy was our only option. We agreed to the treatments believing they would slow the progress of the disease. It is truly hard to describe the overwhelming flood of emotions that come with the knowledge of a life-threatening disease. My stage IV cancer came with the prognosis of a survival rate of less than one year. As my treatments began, it became obvious that chemotherapy was not a cure and that it would only serve to prolong my life expectancy to less than one year. I was facing a miserable year of existence with chemotherapy that would only serve to weaken my immune system making it impossible to recover. The doctor’s report was bleak; shock my system with powerful drugs and hope to add more time to my life. One year would be a blessing but hoping for more time was impossible based on the prognosis.

It was late one evening, three months into my treatment, Manny and I talked together discussing how we believed God had clearly revealed to me that this form of treatment was contrary to healing. Realizing that chemotherapy was not the answer we prayed and made the ultimate decision to stop and walk away from treatment and place my life in God’s hands. We looked at each other and promised to rely on God solely for my healing and that no matter the outcome — be it death or a miracle — we would not regret or doubt this decision. If I had one year to live, it would be spent living, sharing and loving instead of a bedridden existence from chemotherapy. The truth was we had entered into a new level of faith. Neither of us believed I would die. At that very moment we knew God would heal me completely.

From that time forward, we refused any negative word or action that would speak against God’s healing in our lives. Manny instructed the family that we would only speak of my healing and would not speak of cancer anymore. I cried out daily to God and worshipped Him for what He would perform in my life, thanking him in advance as though it had already happened. One Sunday morning, I was well enough to join my family for morning worship service. The atmosphere was thick with the presence of God and prayer was powerful. It seemed that every aspect of the service was directed to a message of healing. God’s love was real as we felt Him respond to our praise and worship. All I could do was to thank Him for giving me another day. As I made my way to the altar during our worship service, I felt strangely different, almost as if I were cleansed throughout my body. In that moment, I knew God had answered our prayers for my healing. Manny was worshipping also and later spoke to me and said he felt strongly that I had been healed that morning.

Of course, I was excited to share with my oncologist what God had done entirely. However, my enthusiasm was met with doubt and resistance. She was not convinced by my testimony; instead, she requested that I undergo a diagnostic CT scan to show the cancer was still present. Although I was not in favor of this, Manny and I agreed it was the best way to prove what God had done. It was no surprise to us when the results revealed I was free of cancer. The report came back stating there was “no trace” of cancer. Not only was I free of cancer; I was also free from the fear of this disease!

My testimony does not stop there. Through all of this, God spoke to me about a lifestyle change that would reflect what God had revealed concerning healing cancer naturally. Through this whole ordeal I had compiled a wealth of research on healing through natural medicine with help and encouragement from my sister, Sandy, who was facing her own health crisis and was led by God to search out natural methods. Much of her research indicated that cancer could also be addressed with natural or alternative medicines. Manny and I were convinced that God was not only leading me to a complete restoration but also to the understanding that He created foods with the power to prevent and heal disease. The more I studied and applied this newly found information, the more I regained my strength. I began to see the reversal of the devastating effects of chemotherapy. God has given me the assurance of His power to heal both through His Word and through all that He has created. I am convinced that God wants everyone to walk in good health. He designed a specific plan for us to live by that actually protects and defends against many illnesses and diseases including cancer. The Bible is filled with wisdom on how we should approach our health. I am thankful that God revealed to me a specific plan that will allow anyone to make wise decisions concerning their health.

Who do you hope to reach with your story?

Although my story is significant for cancer patients and their families, I hope to impact absolutely everyone that cares about their health. In essence, I want to bring awareness to the fact that cancer and other chronic diseases are preventable and most importantly that someone with cancer does not have to surrender to it! I realize this is a bold statement and that it flies in the face of popular opinion but so is the amazing story of my healing. My husband frequently quotes Revelation 13:8 focusing on these words: “…the Lamb slain from the foundation of the World.” If God loves us so much that He would have a plan to redeem us from sin before creation, how much more would He create this world with everything we need to live a healthy life? The Bible speaks of better eating habits and fasting (denying the flesh). Ignoring God’s plan is why the world as well as God’s people are under constant attack from unhealthy lifestyles. My testimony is first about faith in the one true God and second about His amazing Word instructing us on His creative power making provision for our health through prayer, fasting and nutrition.

In your opinion, why do so many today struggle with cancer? What can Apostolics do?

The increasing number of people diagnosed with cancer is of great concern. The average person knows at least one person fighting this terrible disease. It is interesting to note that cancer is a very “high profile” disease that commands great attention in funding and research. The emphasis for this research focuses almost entirely on finding a “CURE.” In my opinion and experience while researching cancer, researchers should spend more time focusing on the “CAUSE” of this disease. Natural medicine does just that. It focuses on the cause. This approach makes all the difference and is at the root of why so many people struggle with cancer. Traditional treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments are aimed at killing cancer cells and shrinking malignant tumors but these issues are only symptoms of a much greater problem within the body.

In my opinion, Apostolics should be the healthiest people on earth. I believe we should be the best examples of good stewardship when it comes to our health. Sadly, instead of nurturing our body through the instruction of God’s Word, we fall in line with the world’s idea of a “healthy” lifestyle. As a result, both the world and God’s people deal unnecessarily with illness and disease. As I discovered, the Bible is very specific on healing and what we should do to guard our health. It should not surprise us that God’s Word is contrary to the message and actions of this world. On top of this, the world will never understand how to have “faith” in God. The good news is that God’s people can operate in faith. Faith is everything when approaching God for healing. Faith in God never fails!

Where can we buy your book and do you want to share any contact information?

The book God & You Curing Cancer Naturally is available through the Pentecostal Publishing House as well as online at Amazon. In addition, my husband and I are available to share our message of faith and healing in person to churches and interested organizations. We encourage anyone who would like to contact us to please use our e-mail information: viadelarosa5@att.net.

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