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Why True Science Supports Scripture! By Steve Waldron

Science is the discovery of the natural world. Science has been used to benefit mankind. But since man has an inherent sinful nature, it is also used in a variety of ways to destroy God’s creation. Since the days of Copernicus, Galileo and Spinoza, a tension has existed many times between science and the Bible. On occasion the established Church had a misunderstanding of the Bible, and hence persecuted true science, such as with the geocentric model of the Universe. Slowly, with the collapse of Christian culture in the West, the tables have turned. No longer does the institutionalized Church sometimes persecute science. The scientific worldview which permeates so much of modern culture, at the U.N. and in the U.S. especially, is at war with Biblical Christianity. Accommodation with the naturalistic worldview leads to capitulation and destruction for true Christianity. We have the truth. Our goal is to proclaim it. And true science, rightly interpreted, will always confirm the Bible.

The Encyclopedists of Europe in the 1750s, fueled by Voltaire’s scathing rebuke of Church and Christianity, began to actively search for a worldview to replace Christianity in the popular mind. Men such as James Hutton, Comte de Buffon and Erasmus Darwin, among many others, began to promulgate a worldview that would later become what is known as the Theory of Evolution. This atheistic mindset sought any means to replace the God of the Bible with human reason. This is called the Enlightenment, but in reality was leading into a new dark world devoid of objective truth and ethics. James Billington, Librarian of Congress, has written an amazing tome detailing the advance of this grim philosophical contagion, beginning from the coffee shops of Europe in the 1770s to the killing fields of communism in the 20th century.

The great scientific advancements of our modern day are not due to belief in evolution as a mechanism for the upward transmigration and transmutation of species. As a matter of fact, it is a stultifying influence on true science. Our prophesied explosion of knowledge, as foretold in Daniel 12:4, can be traced to the bevy of Christian scientists beginning primarily in the 17th century who “thought God’s thoughts after Him” and gave us the scientific keys for the mastery of so much of the world around us. Dr. Henry Morris, in his great book Men of Science, Men of God, details how each sphere of the massive technological exponation of the past 100+ years has its roots in Bible-believing scientists. Isaac Newton wrote more on the Bible than he did science. This is amazing, considering he co-founded Calculus, discovered the laws of Physics, Gravity, Motion, Optics and so much more. He is considered by many to be the greatest scientist who ever lived. Louis Pasteur of France fought Charles Darwin, and actually delivered the death blow to Darwinism with his ingenious disproval of spontaneous generation. All current, beneficial spheres of science had their beginning with the work of scientists operating under the assumption of a Biblical worldview.

If macroevolution were true, it would not have to be continually buttressed and propped up by lies. Each of the “icons of evolution,” which are the best arguments in favor of evolution, have been consistently shown to be misleading and falsified. Take the “missing links” over the years. Nebraska Man, Piltdown Man, Heidelberg Man, Java Man, Peking Man, Australopithecus, Lucy etc. have all been shown to be either severely lacking in evidence or contrary evidence was covered up, or they were shown to be deliberate hoaxes. Entire books are fielded showing the culpability of these frauds. Yet, in the popular mind, in college textbooks and classrooms, in documentaries and on internet resources, they and others are constantly trotted out as proofs of evolution. Just a little digging below the surface shows them to be highly suspect at best, and deliberately fraudulent at worst.

Other supposed proofs of evolution that have been discredited or had doubt highly cast upon them are: the supposed ability to create amino acids replicating conditions of the early earth, Phylogeny recapitulates Ontogeny, Archaeopteryx, peppered moths, fossil horses, and Darwin’s Tree of Life. As an example, Darwin conveniently postulated that Precambrian fossils had been destroyed by heat or another process, since the Cambrian explosion showed all fossils fully formed with no intermediate species.

Darwin’s only degree was a Bachelors of Theology. He wanted to believe in God when younger; it seems obvious when reading his autobiography. But during his five-year voyage on the HMS Beagle, he read the wrong books and began to see God’s remarkable creation around him thru non-creationist lenses. He shared many of his thoughts through the years but was compelled to write them when a young challenger, Alfred Wallace, had come to nearly the same conclusions as him. In November of 1859, a book that was to forever negatively change the world was published: The Origin of Species. Darwin’s deadly legacy was the basis of a collapse of morals, and eventually, as he said in his 1871 book, the descent of man. Man was no longer a special creation by God, endowed with an eternal soul but merely an animal, according to Darwin. Darwin of course led to Nietzsche. And Nietzsche’s ideas of political will, the death of God and the birth of superman gave rise to Hitler. Even Hitler’s philosophical road map was called “Mein Kampf,” which means “my struggle,” a direct link to Darwinism.

Seemingly all fields of endeavor in the modern world have been tainted with Darwinism, with the possible exception of basic math. In the legal field, law is constantly changing. It is no longer based on absolutes but an evolutionary metaphysic. Marriage, morality and government are based on changeability and not the authority of the Word of God. Freudian psychology says man invented God. The healthcare industry now has quality of life provisions, instead of each life being precious. Abortion is used as birth control, with no consideration of the life of the child which science has fully confirmed as human and functioning. All things are now mutable and pliable and not confined to the dictates of God, all according to an evolutionary naturalistic worldview. Racism, of course, uses evolution as a justification, just as Darwin did.

What Is To Be Done?

Truth has its own power. Lenin said facts are stubborn things, when trying to introduce his evolutionary-based communist ethic in Russia. As people of truth, our greatest weapon against the errors of evolution, that have even infected our own ranks, is to speak the truth in love. It is a great comfort that when we speak of an inerrant Bible and the Creation narrative found therein, we not only know that it is intrinsically true, but the weight of evidence is on our side! All science, properly interpreted, confirms the truth of the Bible.

Evidences Biblical Creationism

Symbiosis is an incontrovertible evidence of Biblical creation. Life is dependent upon other life. If the odds of evolution are impossible according to normal statistical analysis, requiring far more chance than the number of electrons in the universe, how could two of every species evolve at approximately the same time, with almost no variation, with one having the capacity to bear seed, and the other with a convenient womb? Not just a man and woman mind you, but perfect pairs of sheep, deer, elephants, cows, dogs, cats, etc. It sounds an awful lot like creation as mentioned in Genesis 1. As a matter of fact, that is the only explanation!

Bees require flowers. Flowers require bees. They would have had to evolve at identically the same time, each with that capacity of need and provision for what the other needed and provided. It sounds like instant special creation.

It requires so much faith to be an evolutionist. Satan is the father of lies. And he has authored this well-crafted scheme to dethrone and debunk God. Atheists have proclaimed loudly for decades that if Genesis chapters 1-3 are shown to be false, there is no basis for Christianity. Why? Because the reason for Jesus is to save us from the effects of Adam’s sin. No Adam, no need for Jesus. Why else would a multibillion dollar edifice be erected to keep truth out and indoctrinate our young?

Anyway, mammals breathe out carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen. Plants and trees need carbon dioxide and supply oxygen. Sounds like special, instantaneous creation to me! Evolutions millions and billions of years are impossible.

August Weissman disproved the inheritance of acquired characteristics. We now know this is false on another level as well, because of DNA. An amputee does not pass on a predilection for missing a limb to his children. His outward trauma does not affect his DNA. Rats who have their tails cut off to a thousand generations are still born with tails, because the outward removal of the tail has no effect on the DNA. The inheritance of acquired characteristics is a pillar of macroevolution, and it does not stand.

Darwin knew the eye baffled him. It shouldn’t exist in evolutionary theory. As a matter of fact, almost no parts of complex creatures should exist according to evolution. Why? If evolution says that beneficial mutations are passed on from generation to generation, gradually becoming better and more refined, the eye is a closed system as are most systems of complex organisms. A blob of eye tissue would serve no purpose before it was fully functioning, and therefore would not be passed down but eradicated as useless in a partial state. It is the same for other systems in our bodies as well. A partial liver is useless. A third of a circulatory system doesn’t function. A mass of brain cells not connected as the nerve center of the body is useless. In Darwinian theory, these should have been expunged during the generational evolutionary theory as unnecessary and detrimental. Mankind, as are all complex life forms, are closed systems. They are all or nothing systems. Unless formed complete, they are utterly useless. This is yet another of literally thousands of evidences for Biblical creationism for which evolutionary science has no answer.

The design inference is obvious to anyone who takes the time to objectively take a look at the matter. Francis Collins began as an atheist, when heading the Human Genome Project. This was an ambitious program to map all 3.1 billion strands of a human DNA. He ended the quest as a Christian. He said if the computer he was using for simulation was obviously designed, the far more complex DNA structure he was observing had to also be designed. Even the atheist Richard Dawkins now agrees that design had to be used in creation, but he looks for the design from aliens instead of Jesus.


The world’s foremost atheist Antony Flew, when confronted with the evidence, finally said there had to be a God. Forty percent of all philosophy professors in the U.S. now believe in God. The number was 1% in the 1960s. Why the upward surge? Because the evidence is overwhelming. We have the truth! Keep praying, preaching and loving! Compromise in this area will leaven the entire Gospel. This world needs to see the real Apostolic Pentecostal Church in action, not some watered-down charade of accommodation. It is not always easy. The way is daunting sometimes. And it seems the entire world’s system is against truth, and ridicules it. But truth is always truth, it is always right, and it is always liberating. And it is the hope for this world. If God is right in Genesis chapters 1-3, then He’s right at Calvary, He’s right in the upper room on the Day of Pentecost, He’s right about judgment to come and a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun. And the evidence shows overwhelmingly that God is true!



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