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Prophetical Time Clock

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24-9 – Prophetical Time Clock


Jerry L. Burns, Rio Rancho, NM — I absolutely believe we are living in the last days. I feel the rapture will be the next event we see. Personally, I feel it is dangerous and irresponsible to preach anything else. I believe the coming of the Lord is imminent! The Lord is coming for a bride who is watching and waiting for Him, not the Antichrist. I believe we are already in the midst of a great end time revival. Entire church organizations are receiving the revelation of the name! The UPCI alone has churches and contacts in over 200 nations.

A major economic collapse is imminent even though it doesn’t have to happen before the rapture. Governments are simply putting a Band-Aid on the problem. The world’s economic system will soon implode. The U.S. is already borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend. That is absolutely unsustainable. Unfortunately, most Apostolic Christians are not living as if Jesus is soon coming.

I mention the coming of Christ and end time prophecy frequently in my preaching, only in the positive sense. I never use it as a scare tactic. I don’t believe you will go to heaven simply because you don’t want to go to hell. Everyone in heaven will be there because they love and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Relationship can last for eternity. I preach relationship!


Andrew T. Urshan, St. Peters, MO – I believe the New Testament church was ministering in the period known as the “last days.” My opinion is that we are now living in the last of the last days. I believe we are currently seeing a last day revival. We must see what God is doing on a global basis and not just in our own backyard. In the UPCI alone, the statistics of miracles, conversions and church plants are remarkable. Revival is here, and I am awaiting the onslaught of revival, miracles, signs and wonders my father and other elders longed to see. Many in the church are not living as though the rapture is imminent. Prosperity, recreational pursuits and entertainment have made them comfortable. Gone is the pilgrim mindset of our forefathers, but the rapture could take place at any moment. There used to be more preaching and singing concerning the rapture and heaven.

I do believe the Antichrist will be revealed after the rapture. We have already seen economic collapses to some extent in many nations, even in the U.S., but more widespread, crippling collapses are possible.

I do try to preach on the soon return of the Lord but not enough. In an effort to be progressive in our titles and sermons, we often neglect the clear, powerful major doctrines of the New Testament. As far back as I can remember, end time prophecy has been a great outreach. Sinners want to know what’s happening in our crazy world. People are afraid of the future and are first drawn to the altar by fear. That initial response is good as long as it leads to a long-term devotion to Jesus and His Word. However, we must avoid proclaiming concepts that could be a stretch or highly personal opinion regarding end time events. Without sensationalizing, the sound prophetical teachings of God’s Word are enough.


Larry Gammons, Lilbourn, MO – I definitely believe we are living in the last days. I believe we will see great tribulation before the rapture takes place, considering the earthquakes, tsunamis, and violent tornadoes we are seeing. I believe we will see a great end time Apostolic revival before the rapture, but I don’t think we are really seeing that yet.

I definitely believe we will see a major economic collapse before the Lord returns. We have already seen some economic collapses. And I don’t think we, as Apostolic Christians, are living as if Jesus is coming soon. In fact, we have gone backward in some ways.

I preach the coming of Christ almost every time I get behind the pulpit. I do believe preaching or teaching prophecy is an effective form of outreach. Sinners are saying the end is near, and sinners are sometimes more aware than some Apostolic Christians are.


Dennis Krog, Marion, IA – I believe we are living in the last days beyond a shadow of a doubt. As for the next event, I believe there will be a shaking, persecution, then harvest and rapture rapidly following. I believe God is opening doors to great revival now.

I do believe we will see a major economic collapse before the Lord returns, because in Revelation 6 the world happily receives the Antichrist’s plan. I do not think we, as Apostolic Christians, are living as if Jesus is soon coming. I see many backsliding and few operating in the gifts or winning souls.

I frequently preach on the coming of Christ and end time prophecy in my own congregation and recently in other denominal churches. I do believe preaching and teaching prophecy can be an effective form of outreach, but we must be careful to follow Biblical scripture on teaching prophecy. My wife and I were so blessed to be pastored by the late Bishop Jonathan Urshan and to be recipients of his excellent teaching on Bible prophecy.


DeMarlon Nixon, Austin, TX – As we pay attention to the signs of the times the Bible speaks of in Matthew 24, we see that much of what that chapter discusses is currently taking place. We are in the last days. And, as so much is changing within this world, we can see that the Antichrist is already at work in our midst (1 John 2:18). The church is dealing with great apostasy, and man is abandoning the fact that God is real for ideals of being their own God or the ideal there is no God. I do believe, however, that we are on the heels of a great end time revival, and we will soon experience the rapture of the church. One can tell the Lord is conditioning us to have a better understanding of the true love of God. Man is seeking the truth we have, but the Lord is teaching us how to deliver that truth to them without offending them.

It is very possible our economy will get even worse. II Timothy 3:1 tells us that perilous times shall come. I believe these perilous times, because of the hearts and actions of man, will affect every aspect of our economy in a negative way.

I believe those who are truly saved and have surrendered their lives to Jesus are living as if he is coming soon. We as Apostolics must maintain our identity and remain keepers of the name of Jesus.

Not a month goes by that I do not take the opportunity to preach and teach on the coming of Christ and the end time. I believe that is a very effective outreach, but preaching on the love of God is even more effective. Jeremiah 31:3 says, “Therefore, with loving kindness have I drawn thee.”

Compiled by Linda Schreckenberg

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