Fri. May 7th, 2021

Ferdinand Foch stated, “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” New Life Church in Ames, Iowa invites you to “ignite the fire within,” and to be a part of a growing body of believers who are actively pursuing God’s purpose in their lives. New Life is not just a place for everyone to be a part, but more importantly a place to be involved and to make a difference.

New Life Church uses the tag line “ignite the fire within,” because they believe every person was designed to touch God, to touch people, and to leave a spiritual legacy. “We are here to help people make a difference in the world,” said Pastor Daniel Flemming. “We touch God through lively worship and prayer meetings. We touch people through personal and group evangelism, and we leave a legacy by discovering what God has intended for us to be, and by giving ourselves to that ministry or ministry project.”

Personal History
Bro. Flemming was raised in church. Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, he attended Apostolic Bible Church where he received the Holy Ghost at the age of nine at a Sunday school camp. Influenced by great men such as Robert Norris, Gerald Grant, E.J. McDougal, John Putnam and Matthew Martin, Bro. Flemming grew in the Lord and began his ministry at an early age. “I started teaching Sunday school and helping on the bus route at my home church while I was in high school,” said Bro. Flemming. “From 1989-1994, I taught Sunday school and worked in youth ministry during my years at Apostolic Bible Institute, and from 1998-2002, I taught at ABI after graduation. In July of 2002, we arrived in Ames, Iowa to pastor New Life Church.”

Bro. Flemming graduated from The University of Minnesota with a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering as well, and is currently the Iowa District Superintendent. He enjoys reading in his spare time and spending time with his family. “I love to go bike riding with my daughter, McKenzie, who is ten, and playing baseball with my son, Bowen, who is seven,” said Bro. Flemming. “And I always enjoy a date night with my wife, Amanda, as well.”

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Principles of Growth and Revival
With focus on prayer and personal evangelism, teaching home Bible studies, as well as being blessed by faithful saints and leaders who have sown into the work of God in Ames over the years, New Life Church is poised for continued growth and revival. “Our approach includes a process which is both systematic and practical in application,” explains Bro. Flemming. “The goal is to give a person an overview of the Bible and encourage individuals in their own personal spiritual disciplines.

“We set goals for Bible studies at the beginning of the year and pray that the Lord of the harvest would send His laborers into the field. We also encourage those who have received a Bible study to teach a Bible study when they are prepared. Beyond evangelism, we try to give new people ownership of the church. This is done creatively as we get to know them and their particular skill set.”

New Life Church offers many exciting classes for members as well as newcomers to help them find the right place where they fit in. IGNITE Ministries is a Discipleship class and an Adult Education class designed to “ignite the fire within.” Pastor Flemming explained, “IGNITE stands for Invest, Grow, Network, Inspire, Teach and Empower. Currently the IGNITE classes include Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University, Growing Kids God’s Way, Along the Virtuous Way, and Seven Pillars to Health.”

The curriculum for Growing Kids God’s Way focuses on character training for children. “This has been a breakthrough experience for many young families,” said Bro. Flemming, “It gives them practical tools to raise their children in a godly way.”

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Organization and Management
The focus of New Life is on mentoring and training up future leaders, and they have success using resources such as Purpose Institute and other district-sponsored training events as well as spending personal time with each leader to invest in them.
“Our leaders have written job descriptions,” explained Bro. Flemming. “We meet in the fall of the year for a planning session, and from there we have monthly meetings with the leadership team.”

Current Facility
New Life Church was started by Bro. J.D. Parker, followed by Bro. Ron Phillips, and then Bro. Craig Fritchley. “We are still using the same church building,” said Bro. Flemming. “However, we have remodeled the educational classrooms, kitchen and fellowship hall. Our current facility seats approximately 130 people; we have five classrooms, pastor’s office, nursery and a prayer room. We also have a kitchen and fellowship hall that we use for church dinners.”
New Life Church has invested in a building endowment fund with the United Pentecostal Foundation, and the saints are believing God for future direction.

Future Plans
When Bro. Flemming and his family first came to Ames, the average Sunday morning attendance was around 20. They now have an average Sunday morning attendance of 75. “In the last 12 months, we have baptized 13 people in Jesus name,” said Bro. Flemming. “Ten of those have received the Holy Ghost, among others who have not yet been baptized. To God be all of the glory. We must decrease, and He must increase. We look forward to our future at New Life, building the kingdom by building people.”

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