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Plowing Before the Planter

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“Prayer and evangelism are both partners in the plan of God,” said Sis. Flo Shaw, the wife of Bro. Dwayne Shaw, pastor of New Life Temple, Austin, Texas. She is the International Coordinator for World Network of Prayer and a licensed minister of the UPCI. “We must plow the fallow ground with prayer and prepare the soil of the hearts of potential souls so that the seeds of the gospel of Christ may penetrate the soil as it is sown and cultivated by the planter, in order to bring forth a fruitful harvest (Matthew 13:3-23). As World Network of Prayer (WNOP) ‘pray-ers’ and North American Missions (NAM) ‘plant-ers’ work together, in due season, an appointed harvest will be reaped (I Corinthians 3:7).

“Plowing Before the Planter (PBTP) is a partnership between NAM and WNOP for the sake of spiritual warfare in cities where churches are being planted or needed. Strategic PBTP prayer walks and prayer drives are conducted at targeted church plant localities over a three-day weekend, utilizing a group of financially self-supporting intercessors. The prayer evangelism design/application is ‘Praying onsite with insight.’”

Sis. Shaw explained that once a PBTP event is scheduled, territorial research is done and an agenda is generated. “Prayer/fasting are rendered in advance,” she said. “A training session convenes and corporate prayer is executed. The PBTP group prays onsite, conducting prayer walks/drives at key sites. A PBTP minister serves as a complimentary speaker for the Sunday morning service. The PBTP group and others recruited become the church planter’s S.I.T.E. (Spiritual Intercessory Team Elite) to provide ongoing prayer/fasting support up to a year until the church plant is more established.”

Sis. Shaw continues, “Since PBTP’s inception, we have seen phenomenal, successful results of accelerated numerical/spiritual church growth. All church planters/participants have expressed the positive transformational impact of PBTP. The first full-scale PBTP event took place in Rosedale, Queens, New York, in November 2012, with a congregation of 12 people. Five first-time visitors attended. During that weekend, two newcomers were Spirit-filled and two prodigals were restored. Pastor Devon Dawson, NYM District Superintendent, reported in January 2013 this church plant had grown to 40 people. By May 2013, 80 were in attendance and the pastor became full-time! In November 2013, the church grew to over 100, and currently has reached a peak attendance of 150!”

She said there has been record attendance, church growth, and/or Spirit-filled individuals at all PBTP events. Other past events include St. Louis, Missouri; Missoula, Montana; San Francisco Bay Area, California; Galveston, Texas; St. Augustine, Florida; Lincoln, Nebraska; Lithonia, Georgia; etc.

Sis. Shaw says, “PBTP is growing! All PBTP requests may be submitted to WNOP or NAM for consideration. WNOP manages all requests and may be contacted at”
If interested in more information regarding this ministry or a future PBTP event, please contact Lisa Marshall at or 314-837-7300 or Flo Shaw at PBTP training videos and materials also may be accessed at and, respectively.

“PBTP invites you to become part of dynamic prayer teams to support our heroic North American missionaries! Together, we can make a difference and possess the land! God said, ‘Arise, walk through the land…for I will give it unto thee.’”

Flo Shaw is the wife of Rev. Dwayne Shaw, pastor of New Life Temple, Austin, TX. She is the International Coordinator of the World Network of Prayer and a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International. Mentored by Rev. T. W. Barnes and Rev. James Kilgore, Flo is an anointed speaker with a special burden in Prayer and Women’s ministries. She also feels a unique call of intercession to support the Ministerial Body of Christ in prayer.

Flo Shaw is the wife of Dwayne Shaw, pastor of New Life Temple, Austin, TX, where she leads prayer ministry and ladies ministry. She is the International Coordinator of the World Network of Prayer and a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International.

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