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God Confirms Truth

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13. revivalconceptspicapr“The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment” – Proverbs 12:19.

Where are they? I speak of the towering churches those who left us for a lighter message were certain they would build. Where is it? I speak of the freedom they declared they had when they shed Biblically-based boundaries of separation.

The waves of destruction have drowned many a preacher who left the safety of the mountaintop of truth. During the course of my ministry, I have been asked to teach or train leaders on how to see results. Results when they preach. And results in the context of growth for the churches they lead. Certainly there is more than one part to that equation, such as building faith, creating environment and community, increasing visitor flow and other things. What cannot be left out of the total dynamic is the truth.

The truth makes people free. It is also impossible to worship God absent of the truth (John 4:24).  One of the greatest ways to see results is to simply preach the truth. No hatred. No brow beating. No watering down. Just simply, lovingly and firmly proclaim the truth. It will amaze you what happens.

Several years ago, I challenged a pastor friend of mine concerning the knowledge of the church he led. He responded by asserting their knowledge of Biblical truth was high. After assuring him it was not meant as an affront I pointed out that one of the major flaws in Pentecost is preachers assume their audiences know what they know. His response? The next year he conscientiously preached and taught basic Biblical truth to his church. The results? He saw more people get the Holy Ghost and a greater growth in attendance and holiness than ever before.

We get what we preach and teach. A pastor of a church that preaches “spirit” and “truth” will get that. Just like a preacher who is silent about it will get just that – no one worshipping in spirit and truth (John 4:24). Preach the truth, and watch God confirm it.


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