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The Century of the Name

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7. centurypica A century ago on April 15, 1914, Frank Ewart and Glen Cook were baptized in Jesus name seeking to, in revival fashion, re-establish Apostolic practice which they felt would bring Apostolic power of miracles and healing. This was a revival within the newly formed Assemblies of God, and within one year one-fourth of the ministers and people were re-baptized. The Century of the Name, written by Stanley Wachstetter, reflects on the history and comparison of the events a century earlier and the same spiritual hunger seen today. “I felt impressed to write a book celebrating this event and explaining the doctrinal and scriptural basis for the importance of this teaching,” said Bro. Wachstetter. “The subject of baptism, baptism in the name, and reflection on the name of God is the heart of this book.”

Century of the Name was written with two purposes in mind. The targeted audience for the book is mixed as it pertains to those who have accepted this truth as well as to those who are unfamiliar with the doctrine. “For those that see this truth and have responded it is a celebration of that truth,” said Bro. Wachstetter, “and for those on the outside that reject this message, yet honestly want to know what we teach, it provides them with the answers. It is written for those who have a hungry heart and are seeking more of the truth.”

Having observed so many families that found this great truth, yet seeing that neither their grandchildren nor their great-grandchildren seemed to know anything of it, Bro. Wachstetter wrote this book for his grandchildren. “I wanted this doctrine in black and white for them to read,” he said.7. centurypicb

The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 is a passage that is under enormous attack in various ways, and Bro. Wachstetter deals with this in his book. “This is a direct commission to the church and as such to you and me,” he said. “This passage on baptism alone is to the ministers, the church, all of us. We are tasked with teaching. We are not here to condemn them; our commission is to teach and to baptize them. This puts the burden on us.”

Bro. Wachstetter has experienced many success stories as a result of this book. “I am thankful for the interest in this book,” he said. “When I presented this seminar in Johannesburg, the entire church responded and was baptized in Jesus name. Also, a missionary in Mexico wrote and said this book had come out just in time and was needed for teaching in her school, and a pastor in the Ukraine thanked me for it and asked if I would come and teach at a Bible school.”

The Century of the Name is available through Amazon and Kindle, or you can write Bro. Wachstetter at 6804 Winthorp Drive, Arlington, TX 76001 and for a donation of $20, he will send you a book, autographed per your request.

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