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Haven of Hope – Helping Girls in Need for 10 Years

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Stephen JuddHaven of Hope Girls’ Home is a part of Tupelo Children’s Mansion and is a 12-month behavior modification and support program for teenage girls between 13 and 16 years of age. The home is truly a “haven of hope,” providing a safe and structured environment where the girls receive direction and guidance from Godly residential mentors and qualified therapists.

Nearly 100 young ladies have gone through Haven of Hope since we started this program in October of 2004. For most of them, it was a life-changing experience. Over time, while in the program, most of the residents gained a sense of self worth, developed a relationship with God and found meaning and purpose for their lives.

The program consists of a 3-tier system in which the girls accomplish specified behavioral and therapeutic goals.

Tier 1 – Stabilization The first several months of treatment focus on “stabilization.” During this time the resident works on compliance, recognizing her need for help, and establishing a sense of self-worth.

Tier 2 – Recovery After “stabilization” has been accomplished, the resident moves to the “recovery” tier, where the treatment focuses on developing, controlling, and improving behavior and appropriate emotional response skills.

Tier 3 – Restoration

“Restoration” is the focus of the last months of treatment. During this time, each girl works on acquiring, internalizing and maintaining the self-discipline, self-esteem and dignity that is required to make reunification successful.

The girls benefit from a very structured environment with a great deal of hands-on supervision, and this certainly includes the classroom. A certified instructor oversees the educational program. In most cases, the girls are behind academically when they arrive on our campus; however, we have had tremendous success in helping the girls to move forward with their schooling.

For questions about placement or for more information about the program, contact Kathryn Slagle, Director of Residential Services: / 662-791-7762.

You can make a difference in the life of teenage girl in our Haven of Hope Girls’ Home by becoming a Guardian Angel. For more information, go to, or contact Annette Tomlinson, Director of Sponsors Relations at: / 662-791-7726.

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