Photo WilsonIf you have questions, they have the answers. Tell Me The Truth, written by Bro. Art Wilson, was born to meet the great challenge in Metro Detroit where the young people in his church were facing daily opposition. At every turn, they were under attack regarding their faith. “One day I was made aware of the daily issues our youth were facing concerning our faith so we began to look for a resource that they could use to explain what we believe in a simple word-only format,” explains Bro. Wilson. “To our surprise, we couldn’t locate one that answered the questions the community was asking. Tell Me The Truth was designed to be used by young people in Bible study settings, and as a resource to answer direct questions that they are confronted with on a daily basis.”

Tell Me The Truth consists of four simple chapters covering the bare basics of the Apostolic message: one God, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the baptism in Jesus name and holy living. “I created this simple handbook that any youth could understand and even memorize to assist them,” said Bro. Wilson. “I Book covermade sure it was the size that could fit in a purse, pocket or backpack without any trouble. Within a few months, we have had hundreds of requests, from not just youth in church but also their friends in school and their workplaces as well.”

Bro. Wilson serves as Senior Pastor of The International Church of Metro Detroit, with his wife, Bethany, and their three daughters, Alora, Moriah and Mikayla. Since planting this church in November 2000, they have baptized over 1,000, and have three daughter works. He also serves the United Pentecostal Church International as Multicultural Ministries Ambassador, and Building the Bridge Secretary. Being a church planter, Bro. Wilson’s greatest burden is reaching people with the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

Introduced a few years ago, Tell Me The Truth is already in its fifth printing. “It is mostly desired by the people in the community and visitors to churches that want to know more about our truth on a very basic level,” said Bro. Wilson. “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Tell Me The Truth can be ordered from Pentecostal Publishing House or from Bro. Wilson’s website,


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