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Ladies Ministry in the Local Church

Sis. Brenda Lindsey, tell us a little about yourself and your ministry.

My husband, Jeffery, grew up in Bro. Wayne Mitchell’s church (Whole Truth Tabernacle) in Moline, Illinois, and I grew up in Bro. Bill Coltharp’s church (First Apostolic Church) in Aurora, Illinois. I have been involved in various ministries since my teen years. We have no children, but we are involved in Children’s Ministry and now live in Camden, Tennessee, where we attend the First Pentecostal Church, pastored by Bro. Marty Johnson. Our pastor’s wife, Dellona, is a great encourager and Ladies Ministry leader of the Tennessee District. She is also the Ladies Ministry leader of our church, but I do the Ladies Ministry meetings.

Why should a church consider launching a Ladies Ministry? Why is it important or needed?

I feel that Ladies Ministry can actually be a backbone of the church. I think women tend to be more empathetic to the little things in the church while the pastor sees the big things. In coming together in Ladies Ministry, we can pray about those things and as the Bible tells us, bear one another’s burdens. When we come together as a group, we become a strong part of the church.

What are the most important components of an effective Ladies Ministry in the local church?

I think someone having a burden to organize a Ladies Ministry and women being able to give up part of their time will make the church stronger and better.

What successes have you seen in the Ladies Ministry at your local church? What are you most proud of?

In the Ladies Ministry groups I have been involved with, we have become less concerned with fundraising and more concerned about encouraging one another, especially in smaller churches. Bringing a very diverse group of ladies together to get them acquainted with one another’s lives made such a difference. It helped us become more caring of each other and of our community.

What are the challenges Ladies Ministry leaders often face in ministry success?

One of the biggest challenges is time, because everyone is so busy. In a large church, there is so much happening with so many ministries that everyone is involved in, finding the time for Ladies Ministry is difficult. Once ladies are together, however, they find they don’t want to leave, so time doesn’t matter so much anymore. It is difficult even in smaller churches, but you can make it happen.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first became a ladies leader?

When I was appointed as Director of Ladies Ministry, I had no idea where to start or what to do with it, and we were in a very small town in a home missions church at that time. My internet access was limited there, and I couldn’t find information to help me. If I had just known where to look, it would have been a great help.

Ladies Ministry 101 Book cover  Plainly Speaking  article3What motivated you to write your book Ladies Ministry 101? What is the story behind it?

I had been involved with other ministries but not Ladies Ministry. When I realized I needed resources and couldn’t find them, the idea for Ladies Ministry 101 was born. I just couldn’t find books like it and became aware of the necessity of such a book. My sister-in-law had moved to a smaller church and was having the same problem with finding resources to head a Ladies Ministry there. It was while we were sharing various ideas that we thought of a book on the topic for people like us.

What does the book cover?

It covers websites and resources to help in organizing a Ladies Ministry. The chapters give themes and ideas for special events and special days. Each chapter covers a monthly meeting and gives you a theme as well as ideas for decorations and snacks for that theme. It also gives a devotion for each month. For instance, on National Hobby Month, the ladies bring samples of their hobbies and share those as a part of the meeting. With the theme “Making a Difference,” ladies are encouraged to share their talents, signifying what Ladies Ministry really is. It shows that each lady brings something unique to the ministry. Each theme has a specific devotion, and I usually ask for volunteers to do the devotion for each month. One of my favorite themes is Mother’s Day in the month of May. That theme is called Hats Off to Women. At one meeting, we talked about how women wear so many different hats. Ladies actually wore hats, decorated to represent their particular vocations. The hat I wore had a business card and a mini whisk, etc. on the brim. Sis. Johnson’s hat had her grandchildren’s pictures hanging from it.

What kind of feedback are you getting?

Actually, we are getting excellent feedback. There have been three District Ladies Directors who purchased large orders to give to pastors’ wives. Directors from two states ordered around 40-50 for that purpose.

Do you give ladies seminars, etc.?

I haven’t given ladies seminars but would do one if asked.

How to order, cost? Contact Information?

Ladies Ministry 101 in hard copy can be ordered through PPH or through me personally. The cost is $10 plus $2.50 shipping. I have written a second book, Ladies Ministry 201, that has a similar format to the first book. Ladies Ministry 201 isn’t available through PPH yet but is available from me. I feel it is actually better, due to increased experience in the area of Ladies Ministry. My contact information is email jblindsey95@hotmail.com or phone 731-333-4323.

By Linda Schreckenberg

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