Some Great Advice for Young Leaders

Carey Hieuwhof

1. Study and practice faithfulness. Faithfulness is rare. Not just in marriage, but also in life. Learn how to be consistent, loyal and steadfast, holding to what you know is right even when you feel like doing the opposite

2. Be generous when you have no money. Don’t fall for the lie that you will be generous one day when you have money. If you’re not generous now, you won’t be generous then. Practice generosity with every dollar you receive and everything you have.

3. Cultivate a circle of people around you who make you better.  One of the best ways to become a better person and leader is to spend time with people who are better than you.

4. Make peace with your weaknesses. You’ll never be great at everything. The sooner you get used to that, the better off you’ll be.

5. Pour increasing amounts of energy into your strengths. Once you realize you’re only great at a few things, you’re free to become even greater at them. Pour your time, energy and resources into what you do very best.

6. Wrestle down your pride. Pride is ugly. It gets you into trouble again and again. Pray it out. Beat it out. Do what you need to do to wrestle it down.

7. Kill selfish ambition. Ambition isn’t bad, it can change the world. Selfish ambition is bad. It can destroy the world. So be ambitious, but be ambitious for the sake of a cause that’s far bigger than you are.

8. Find the high road and live on it. The high road is the hard road. But it’s the best road. People will try to pull you off the high road again and again. Don’t let them.

9. Work twice as hard on your character as you do on your competency. Competency is not the main key to success. Character is. Your competency will take you only as far as your character can sustain you.

10. Persevere through the dry seasons. Your time with God occasionally goes flat. Hang in there. Your emotions eventually catch up with your obedience. So be obedient.

11. Discover what refuels you and do more of it. Some things give you energy in life, some things drain you. Figure out what refuels you. Then do more of it.

12. Don’t let fear win. Yep … you’re afraid. Go for it anyway. Fear gets the best of far too many leaders. Don’t let it get the best of you.

Carey Nieuwhof is the lead pastor of Connexus Church north of Toronto, Canada, blogs at and is host of The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast available for free on iTunes.

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