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Training Leaders For Revival

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Training Leaders For Revival. Several years ago a survey was taken among church leaders about the greatest needs facing the church today. The overwhelming response came back: the greatest need was trained and qualified individuals to assume a role of leadership within the church body.

Church growth and leadership are closely tied together. If a church lacks in leaders to assist in the oversight of various ministries, programs, and duties, the church will suffer.

Perhaps you attended one of the seminars that was promoted nationwide a few years back: How To Break The 200 Barrier, If so, you came away with a keen understanding of the role that organization and delegation plays in growth. Strongly emphasized at these meetings was a concept known as the ‘pyramid principle,’ popularized by David A Womack. Dr Womack explained that church growth is much like piling sand on a table. Eventually the table fills with sand. What you end up with is a pyramid of sand that covers the entire table top and the table will hold no more sand. How do you get more sand on the table? You must expand the base.

The sand Is your membership. The base is your leadership organization. Most churches plateau because they have maxed out their organization. To grow, you must expand your organization so that you can support and minister to a greater number of members. What kind of leadership training should a church consider?

Current Leaders: Train your current leaders in key leadership principles at a regular monthly planning council held on an off-church night. Assign them a chapter to read from a good leadership book. Then, at your next meeting, teach on the principle for 15-20 minutes.

Future Leaders: The best way is a weekly leadership training class. Give your students a reading assignment (usually a chapter that covers a key leadership principle). Then meet with your leaders-in-training for 15-20 minutes before a regularly scheduled service and show them how that principle applies to their ministry within the church. Other training options are a monthly class on an off-church night or an all-day training seminar each quarter.

Training leaders take commitment and time. It took Jesus three-and-a-half years to train the twelve apostles and the seventy disciples. But with this leadership foundation the church was built. This was His priority – it must become yours. The future growth of your church depends upon it!

If you would like more information on leadership development call 1-800-800-0247 and request the church growth packet. cost is $5.00 plus s/h.

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