14. financepicaugThere is much concern over the recent Supreme Court ruling concerning the requirements of marriage, etc.  Is there anything needed by the church to ensure we have a right to marry according to the scriptures?

According to the recent opinions, religious organizations are not affected by this recent court ruling; however, after consulting legal counsel, we have been advised that it is necessary for additional documents to be approved by the church.

Until recently, a Facilities Use Policy was all that was needed to fully protect the rights of religious organizations. Now, this has changed.

Based on the latest legal opinion, it is being recommended that a church include an addendum to its existing by-laws in making a statement concerning Marriage and Family. A church should be sure its by-laws are up-to-date in all areas so that the legality of the document is not in question.

A church then should have an addendum to the bylaws to include the Marriage and Family statement.  This should be based on scriptural reasons with the proper wording to provide protection to the church and all staff, whether paid or unpaid, including all ministers.

It is our recommendation that all churches have this Marriage and Family document included as an addendum if they wish to be afforded protection, and have it approved by the church board or membership, whichever is required of that church.

If we can assist in this, please contact our office by emailing us at the address shown below.

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