Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

10. theologypicoct

By Bobby Killmon

How do we effectively talk to people about “gay marriage” if they’re not open to Scripture?

Showing people these sinful behaviors are against life and blessing without even quoting a Scripture is possible and often powerful to those who are open to seriously discussing it. So I use proofs from areas like psychology (for things like abortion) and sociology (for things like gay marriage) to demonstrate that the biblical position is the only thing that blesses or enriches life.

For instance, J. D. Unwin was a British social anthropologist who spent seven years studying the births and deaths of 80 civilizations. He was not attempting to prove the Bible correct but, in fact, quite the opposite. However, he reported from his exhaustive research that every known culture in the world’s history has followed the same pattern. In its early days, premarital and extramarital relationships were strictly prohibited. Great creative energy was associated with this inhibition, causing the culture to prosper. The reason is people wanted to secure a future for their family, so they built strong societies.

Later, society’s people began to rebel against these restrictions by demanding freedom to participate in their diverse passions. As these morals weakened, the social energy in the culture died too. He shows this eventually resulted in the decay or destruction of the civilization. People only interested in their own gratification do not build for the future. Dr. Unwin concluded the energy that holds a society together is critically tied to marriage and family. He wrote, “Any human society is free either to display great energy, or to enjoy sexual freedom; the evidence is that they cannot do both for more than one generation.” So homosexual relationships, homosexual marriage, or heterosexual promiscuous activity outside of marriage ultimately destroys culture! The evidence is in, and it is clear.

So as individuals, churches or a government, we cannot endorse or advocate tolerance on these things. We won’t bless some activities, because we know they destroy people and civilization itself. The incredible social ills in America including trends like exploding crime rates, increased drug abuse, exploitation of children and the disintegration of families can be traced to the decline of traditional values and biblical standards of morality.

The point is I’m not against homosexuality because I hate people. I’m against it because it destroys purity, and it destroys the very fabric that makes up a good and prosperous culture. Like the last article I wrote on abortion, the point is all opinions must be tested and each must show how our opinion blesses. I can show how the biblical one does! The evidence is in, and it’s clear God is right! Again, as it states in Prov. 10:22, “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”

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