Sat. May 15th, 2021

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Who is God? A question thought by so many and, yet, they are afraid to ask. Now, thanks to Sis. Shirley Lane Welch and her new booklet titled Who is God?, you can put that answer directly into their hands. Raised in a minister’s home and faced with confusion over the oneness of God as a child, Sis. Welch was too embarrassed to ask questions. “As I began to write scriptures as God gave them to me I thought, I will type them and give them to the youth so they won’t struggle like I did,” said Sis. Welch. “Those God-given scriptures became the booklet, Who Is God?”

Using the booklet, Sis. Welch developed the “E-Z-2 Witness” program, which takes away all the excuses such as, “I’m too shy,” “I don’t feel comfortable talking to people about God,” or “I don’t have time to witness.” With this, you simply hand them the booklet and say, “I have something I want to share with you.”

Sis. Welch said she always keeps five enveloped booklets in her purse and hands them out in restaurants, to people that come to her door, or anyone that she speaks to in passing. “I have never had anyone that has been rude or even refused me,” she said. “We mailed 800 as Christmas cards this past year, and we are placing these booklets in the hands of all city and county officials, and I have personally mailed one to Pope Francis, President Obama, Billy Graham, T.D. Jakes, John Hagee, and Dr. Phil McGraw.”

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The booklet, which is in the process of being printed in Spanish as well, is a great resource for home Bible studies, as well as for teaching Sunday school classes. It is also a great tool for outreach directors. “To personalize the booklets, let me suggest that you put the advertisement of your choice on the inside of your cover page,” explained Sis. Welch. “This can be accomplished by using a rubber stamp, a church calling card, or a full page brochure of your church information including a photo of the pastor and his family.”

Easy to use, read and understand, this booklet is a fantastic resource for churches and individuals who want to have an impact in their communities and reach their family, friends and acquaintances. “With all the trouble going on all over this world, our time to witness may be less than we realize,” said Sis. Welch. “I pray that each of you will feel the need to share with your saints, friends and relatives, this easy way to witness and to help reach someone in your city, your state, or even a foreign country.

The Who is God? booklet is available from First Pentecostal Church, 6500 North “W” St., Pensacola, Florida for $2.00 each. All profits from this program will be donated to the Home Missions Department of the UPCI. For more information, please contact Sis. Welch at

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