Sat. May 15th, 2021

“It’s wonderful to always have food to eat,” Emma stated as several girls were sitting around the table enjoying breakfast before getting ready for the TCM Sunday service.

As the table talk ensued, Olivia spoke up and said, “You’re right about that. When I first came to the Mansion, it took me some time to get used to finding milk in the fridge every time I opened the door.”

Emma then continued to share her story about how when she and her siblings were living with their grandmother basic food items, like milk, were always in short supply.18.purereligionpicdec

“To make things stretch,” Emma said, “Grandma would have her older brother save a little milk from his bowl of cereal, and then her sister would pour cereal into the same bowl, using the left over milk. Finally it was my turn. Every morning, grandma and all three of us kids would share one bowl of milk with our cereal. Usually there wasn’t enough milk to go around.”

As they sat around the table finishing up their breakfast, other girls joined in the conversation sharing their similar experiences. Some talked about how they never had enough food at home, so they would go around during lunch at school asking their classmates for any food they didn’t want. They would place the food in their backpacks and take it home for their siblings and other family members. One girl spoke about how the weekends were especially hard because they didn’t have the food from their friends at school and would often get very hungry.

My heart was broken when the housemother shared this story with me. I just couldn’t imagine that these children, with their full stomachs and happy faces, had experienced such dire need, being deprived of the care that every child longs for and deserves.

It is because of generous people like you that we are able to provide hot, nutritious meals for the Mansion children each and every day. More than that, they are given a warm, comfortable bed to sleep in, nice clothes that actually fit, a second-to-none education, a nurturing environment and—most important of all—an opportunity to know Jesus and grow spiritually!

Year after year, it’s thrilling to observe our children experiencing Christmas at the Mansion. For some, it’s their first real Christmas ever. The children are overwhelmed with joy as they open the gifts that are provided for them by their sponsors.

Will you help us make this Christmas the best Christmas ever for our Mansion children?

Would you consider sending a special Christmas gift today of $10, $25, $100…or more, if possible? A generous gift this holiday season—whatever you can afford—will enable us to provide our children with the special memories of this Holy Season that you so fondly remember.

Please mail your gift today to TCM Christmas, PO Box 167, Tupelo, MS 38802, or donate online at

Thank you for lighting the way for “our” children as they journey to the hope and healing promised by the gift of the Christ Child.




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