Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

8. Oneness Bible Study pic“This is the way the Word is meant to be taught: simple, clear and Word-defined,” said Pastor R. J. Hall of the Pentecostals of Hayward in Hayward, Calif. “This is one of the finest and most effective Bible studies on the oneness of God I have ever seen,” said Bro. Roger Evans of First Pentecostal Church of the West Bank, Marrero, La. “I came from a Trinitarian background and believed God actually existed simultaneously in three distinct persons. Bro. Felt’s in-depth study is enlightening, yet very easy to understand.”

These kind words were directed to Bro. William Felt, who developed the study Who Was Jesus Christ? Bro. Felt, who serves as Sunday school director at The Pentecostals of Hayward, came from a Trinitarian background. After someone approached him about the oneness of God, he began to look into what he believed. It wasn’t easy for him to make a change. He needed proof that God was a singular being and not a Triune being. That proof came through various studies, including the Wheel of Prophecy study by Bro. C. P. Kilgore.

“If there ever was a time we need to know and understand who and what Jesus was, it is now,” said Bro. Felt. He noted two specific reasons for the development of his study: 1) God said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6), and 2) The Apostle Paul said, “If our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost” (II Cor. 4:3). One third generation preacher, after viewing the PowerPoint study, said, “I didn’t know they believe this,” referring to the teaching of the Trinity! That teaching, accepted by so many, is one of the largest stumbling blocks to those that “believe in Christ.”

Who Was Jesus Christ? Bible study was completed in August 2015. It is of excellent quality with outstanding colorful graphics and charts which clearly define the powerful truth of the oneness of God, versus the man-made doctrine of the Trinity. It is designed to be taught by pastors, teachers, and as a home Bible study to any size group. The study is only available at this time in PowerPoint format. PPT is now available for iPads, so the study can be taught on an iPad at a coffee shop or anywhere. It works on Macs and PCs, so it will work on any device that runs Microsoft Office 365. The presentation is more than just slides − it interacts with the teacher with PPT built-in animation features. There will not be a video format of the study. Bro. Felt feels it is a one-on-one study and must be presented live. The study is available in English and Spanish, and you can order the Bible study by contacting Bro. Felt toll free at 1-866-921-5679 or emailing him at

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