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Why Tithing is Important

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Monte Albalos, Monterey, CA — If we are truly Apostolic Christians, then we will believe, trust and follow God’s Word. Malachi 3:8 asks, “Will a man rob God?” If a person is a Christian, why would he want to rob his Creator? Why would we not want to receive a promotion, a promise and a guarantee that if we bring tithes into His house, that He will open the windows of heaven?

I personally have been paying tithes since I was a child, and I have never been unemployed. We have had new converts receive jobs they did not apply for, people have had cars purchased for them, people who have been unemployed for years have been given employment, and some who were homeless now have housing. Paying tithes will position us for greatness for a more-than-enough experience.


Shine Doughty, Mattoon, IL – I believe in tithing because it is a part of God’s giving program. It has blessed us because it allows for the ministry and ministries of the church. We ask our congregation to give a 3% offering, missions offering once a month of their own choosing, and a once-a-year sacrificial offering for mortgages or upkeep/care of the buildings.

What do you want to be blessed on, net or gross? I believe in paying tithes on the gross income.


Danny Robbins, Tupelo, MS — Before I received the Holy Ghost, I started a construction company and committed to pay tithes. The company prospered and 15 months later, I received the Holy Ghost. The blessings from paying tithes are more than monetary blessings. I’ve watched my entire life be blessed.

Tithing is important because it’s being obedient to God’s Word, and it’s how we support the ministry of the Kingdom of God. People that do not pay tithes reveal a lack of faith and have a disobedient heart. If a person doesn’t repent and correct this disobedience, it could result in a lost soul.


Greg Downs, Fayetteville, AR — There is no doubt that tithing has created a blessing in my life. It has established that financial contract with God, and I have been taken care of by God. Not too long ago, I started teaching our church on giving and we began practicing it. It was amazing getting all of the reports of people getting new jobs, raises on their jobs, financial miracles with debt, etc. Giving unlocks the blessings of heaven!

According to scripture, the tithe is never ours. If it was ours, then we could not be guilty of robbing God. The only way you can rob someone is if you take what is already theirs.

Tithing is our side of a financial contract with God. It is an exercise in futility to pray for God’s blessings if we are not faithful in tithing. There is no contract in place.


David Moore, Jackson, MS? – Tithing is part of God’s moral law and a Bible principle.  Tithing has always been God’s way of financing His ministers both in the Old and New Testaments. In my past experience, I’ve witnessed those that backslid, first became lax in their tithing. According to 1 Corinthians 6:10, thieves will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Tithe on all your increase (gross), not after other things have been deducted. Consistency in tithing is a faith builder. It’s the “prove me” factor to live by. Blessings are not always financial. Blessings can be of health, family, relationships, etc. I have been blessed in every facet of my life. Tithing has opened the windows of heaven for me in many blessings of all types in my 54-year journey of living for God.


Jay Teague, Batesville, MS – It’s hard for me to improve on the words of David. Psalm 37:25, “I have been young, and [now] am old(er); yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” I’m not rich, far from it, but I am blessed beyond my resources, and I know it’s a direct result of faithful giving.

Besides the Biblical command to do so, our spiritual health depends on us being faithful in our giving. The Word is pretty clear on how God feels about those that neglect paying tithes, declaring they rob Him in tithes and offerings.

Gross is truly the first fruits. It’s not about how low I can get the amount down to; it’s about how much God has blessed me and how much I want to show Him that I’m thankful.

I have practiced 5% minimum of my gross income in giving of offerings. I say minimum because I feel that offerings are worship, and there are times that I give more than 5%, but never less.


Philip Flowers, Marion, AR – Tithing is an act of faith. It precedes the Law of Moses, since Melchizedek received tithes from Abraham. Melchizedek is the first or one of the first “ministers” found in Scripture. It may not be coincidence that the first mention of tithes is found here. In Matthew 23:23, Jesus condoned tithing. If we are children of faithful father Abraham, we should be tithing, as he did. I belong to God first, and I’m an American secondly. My tithes should reflect that.

On the subject of offerings, they are given in addition to the tithe. What should a faithful Christian consider giving for offerings?

II Corinthians 9:7 indicates that the amount will vary by each giver. Some have been blessed abundantly and give more of finances. Others give more of their time. Both are valuable. All giving should be done cheerfully.


Doug Joseph, Clarksburg, WV – The Bible is clear that believers are to dedicate every aspect of their lives to the Lord. From my youth up, I have always been as faithful as possible regarding tithing. God has honored His promise and has blessed my family and me abundantly. I am a genuine “testimonial” advertisement for the success that comes when adhering to a biblical model from God’s Word for submitting the financial aspect of my life to Him.

The most common error by those who are against tithing is to mistake New Testament passages about “emergency relief effort-type giving” as supposedly being how all giving should be done by Christians, yet that type of giving is but one layer in a biblically-modeled approach. Based on Romans 14, I grant fellow believers liberty in how they decide such matters, but I personally tithe on my gross and God has blessed us for it.

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