Fri. May 7th, 2021

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Aaron Dunn, Broken Arrow, OK – There is nothing magical about growing a church; it takes prayer and sacrifice. Vision is a vital part of revival for without it the faith of the church will wane. Therefore, when vision for God being well able is lost, the church will often become stagnant. Factors that contribute to growth are prayer, fasting and a genuine loving welcome. I fully believe that God-called leaders, regardless of personality type, can and will see revival as long they obediently and faithfully follow the leading of the Holy Ghost. Anointing is the most important aspect of leadership, for without it a church can only be led by “sight.” Anointing must be present for leadership to see the Kingdom established.

Dennis Nance, Pryor, OK – Growing the church is a collective effort, starting with the pastor, church leaders and congregation. I believe that typically we accomplish what we plan for and what we put into action. Therefore, there is a strategy for revival. Vision is key to the growth of church. Although there are many factors that may advance or hinder the growth of a church, I do not feel that personality types within leadership are such a cause.  Throughout the Bible, numerous examples can be found where God used different characteristic traits to complete works. Above all, leaders must be anointed. With anointing, God will use them regardless of their personalities.

David Beecham, Lexington, TN – My mindset for growing the church is that it is God’s will that the church grows and anything in His favor, He will bless. Therefore, if we desire and work for it, it will come to pass. Strategy for revival is basic; as our Bishop stated 30 years ago: it’s preaching, praying, praising! A clear vision is also vital for growth; a lack of vision and failure to be outward-reaching will most likely result in a stagnant church. Vision and church growth correlate simply because if the vision is right and followed, growth will result. I feel that personality type has an effect on revival in the sense that if a leader is not positive, the church growth will not be. However, anointing and the call of God can supersede a personality type.

Billy Trusley, Pearl River, LA – Church growth is the heartbeat of Jesus; therefore, it should be top priority to His church. An ongoing revival is a must whether that is winning the lost or strengthening discouraged saints. If revival is lacking, it is most likely because there is no burden to reach the lost. I believe that the biggest factor that affects growth is simply the mindset of expectation. We must first have faith in church growth, then work hard to have it. Vision is also fundamental to growth, which is evident in Proverbs 29:18.  I feel that leadership is important for revival; however, as long as God is exalted and His personality shines through, then revival will not be limited to anyone. Nevertheless, anointing is essential in every leader.

Ercel Clark Jr., Alexandria, LA – Church growth only comes when there is clear leadership and direction. A flawless strategy for revival can be found when combining II Chronicles 7:14 with these key ingredients. I believe that churches become stagnant when there is a lack of passion and no sense of direction. There are many factors that affect growth such as outreach and visitor follow up. However, every program is only as strong as its leader. A church with a forward thriving vision will see growth if it remains steadfast on a truth-based, Acts 2:38 foundation. Revival is not limited to certain personality types; no matter an individual’s personality, he or she may see revival if they truly desire it. Therefore, with much prayer and fasting comes anointing, which brings clear focus and direction resulting in revival.

Mark Fontenot, Bay Minette, AL – Revival begins with projecting growth, Bible studies, and everyday witnessing. The church must be prepared through diligent prayer and fasting as well as establishing a belief in the continual outpouring of God’s Spirit. Churches become stagnant because of a lack of prayer and worship in the fellowship of God; freshness in the Lord means everything. Faith, love, vision and great leadership are main factors that produce revival. Vision above all is crucial to growth according to Proverbs 28:19. I feel personality types have little effect on growth; each is meant for a different time and season in the Spirit. Revival is directly connected with leadership that is proven through the impact of the anointing. Anointing is key.

Scott Grant, Trois-Rivieres, Canada – The Lord grows His church (Psalm 127:1). We need to follow the lead of His Word and Spirit. I believe that each city has its own unique challenges, but prayer is the starting point for revival. Many churches have become stagnant simply because of an inward focus. Factors such as leadership, prayer, commitment, and compassion affect the growth of the church. However, vision is key; you go and grow where you are looking. Revival is connected to mindset and obedience, not personality. Loving God, loving people is our mantra; whatever your personality, love is the key. Anointing flows downward from the leadership to the congregation. Therefore, as leaders we have to renew our vision and spirit to be effective.

Leslie Cotton, Urbana, IL – Revival begins by evangelizing the community while educating the body to grow in grace and knowledge. I feel that a focus to cast a multicultural vision is essential. There must be a clear vision and mission set that the church buys into; the church must connect with the community on a personal level. A lack of balance between discipleship and evangelism will result in a stagnant church. Other factors such as disunity will also affect the church in a negative way. If there is no vision to obtain growth, it is as an arrow being shot without a target. I feel that revival can happen with anyone because it is God who gives the increase. When there is anointing, yokes are broken. Therefore, it is essential that the leadership be anointed so that it might flow down to the church.

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