Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

13. revivalconceptspicjan “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” – Romans 8:31

Attitude can affect a person’s altitude. So it is with faith. The level of faith we operate with greatly influences the results we see. There is a necessity, need and impetus for us to operate in faith. This is a universal truth for the ministry. It matters not whether we are beginning a new work in the bushes of Africa, starting a church in North America or leading a church that has existed for 70 years. We must look on the fields with faith.

There are three keys areas to operate in faith for the preacher: 1) Minister to Individuals with Faith. Remember God can and does still radically save! That individual is the one Christ died for, and God’s ability to transform the hearts, minds and lives of men has not diminished. Minister to individuals with knowledge and faith in God’s ability to do just that. 2) Minister to the Body with Faith. There may only be 30 people in front of you, or a church full of struggles and troubles. Regardless, God is absolutely able to transform that local body into a revival-minded, thriving and growing church. God is able! Preach the Word with the full assurance of God’s ability and will. 3). Make Decisions with Faith. Certainly we should use wisdom when making decisions. But the same can be said of faith. God’s Kingdom operates on the economy of faith. We must be led of the Spirit. We must step out and operate and act . . . in faith.

In a world full of darkness and despair, we must boldly step into it with faith, bringing God’s Kingdom of light right into places of darkness. This only happens when we operate in faith.


Brian Norman has been in the ministry for 23 years, serving as a Pastor, Church Planter and now as a full-time Evangelist. Phone: 636-544-0627 Website:

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