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God’s Protection for Marriage

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12. spiritualgrowthpicjanThe devil attempts to destroy marriages in devious ways. Any man who may be a leader (pastor, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, counselor, instructor, CEO, boss, etc.) is vulnerable to an emotional, needy woman who personalizes the natural concern a man may show in fulfilling his profession to a personal concern.

Let’s set the scenario: The woman comes to the professional man for help, direction or assistance. The man from his professional view provides help to the woman and then she responds emotionally. It begins slowly. If the woman starts giving compliments to the man and he begins to enjoy them, that’s the warning that subtly there is an attraction. This can happen to any two people (male to female) who start sharing emotionally with each other outside of the individual marriage relationship. It becomes emotional adultery that can lead to physical adultery.

If this begins to happen, it shows that neither the man nor the woman is God-centered or they would immediately recognize it as a danger zone relationally. I counseled a pastor who was meeting regularly with a female co-worker for lunch. He developed a love for her and was telling his wife there was nothing wrong with the lunch dates. But he was not intimate emotionally, spiritually or physically with his wife. This leads to disaster for a marriage.

In my marriage book, God’s Design for Marriage, I share how to set up a hedge of protection around your marriage for emotional and sexual purity. It can be purchased through my website: soft copy or as an eBook:  A healthy marriage is work, work and more work! Couples must share intimately spiritually, emotionally and physically as God designed and not allow the devil to kill, steal and destroy.


As a Certified Pastoral Counselor, Carol Clemans provides nationwide counseling by phone/Skype (636) 448-0121. She also teaches marriage seminars/Bible for growth and healing. (Holy Ghost 60 yrs., teaching Bible 50 yrs., married 46 yrs., counselor 23 yrs.) Pastor D.  Batchelor – Dupo, IL.- Bd. of Dir. FB: Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc. (501c3), Twitter, Periscope, LinkedIn, Google+.

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