8. Kidz Doctrine picBurdened for children and their need to know and understand the basic teaching of Apostolic doctrine, Bro. Paul Brown approached his pastor, Bro. Robert Henson of South Flint Tabernacle, in hopes of teaching a class to help instill these principles at his local church. From this passion and request, the Kidz Doctrinal Training (KDT) series was born. This series has been designed to be a personal curriculum for children based on Apostolic doctrine. Whether it is taught in Sunday school classrooms, group settings or at home by parents, this fully illustrated curriculum has been a blessing to children across the United States. With a teacher’s guide, student workbook, answer key and all twelve lessons on PowerPoint, this series keeps students engaged and learning.

KDT includes essential topics rooted and grounded in Apostolic doctrine. “Knowing that children often grow up into teenagers who do not know or understand why they believe what they believe, I felt it necessary to focus on core teachings such as the Oneness, Jesus name baptism, the infilling of the Holy Ghost, holiness and the second coming of Christ,” said Bro. Brown. “Children and teenagers need to be able to explain why they believe what they believe.”

While teaching this class at South Flint Tabernacle, he began refining the materials. “My pastor suggested I look into having them published,” he said. “As I researched other possible materials I realized there was little adequate material on this subject.” Throughout this process, several individuals have provided guidance and insight. South Flint Tabernacle Sunday School Superintendent, Dr. Anita Harrison, along with Pastor Henson, and a graphic designer have worked diligently to bring this work into fruition. Although it has been published, supplemental additions are continuing to be made.

At a recent seminar, Bro. Brown offered many more ideas that could be included in the teaching of KDT, such as DVDs, object lessons and songs. Although it is currently geared for children between the ages of eight to twelve, he hopes to add another series for children ages three to six in order to better expand and scaffold their learning.

Bro. Brown, who recently completed his bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, has been able to put this training into action to enrich children’s ministry in a dynamic way. He has run a preschool and childcare program at a church in Howell, Mich. and is transitioning this ministry to his home church. He is very excited and passionate about this ministry as well as the future of the Kidz Doctrinal Training.

To order or research the Kidz Doctrinal Training series, you may access the Pentecostal Publishing House through its website: https://www.pentecostalpublishing.com/.  You may also contact South Flint Tabernacle by phone (810) 743-1710 or browse its website: http://www.southflint.org to gain more information. If the series is ordered through the church, a special discount is available for orders of 10 sets or more. The cost for one set is $35.

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