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I recently read an article on the benefits of financial metrics that every CEO should pay attention to.   Some call them KPI’s (key performance indicators). The benefits are the same for a church. The goal is to get a summary of important information in a report that is easy to read and timely prepared.

Too often when I meet with a pastor, I hear him say “the reports I get don’t tell me anything” or “I don’t know how to read them” or “I don’t get any weekly or monthly reports.” While having a “successful” church isn’t all about increasing income, or even increasing attendance, it is still vital to know where the church is financially. Having the right information helps measure growth (or a retraction), cash flow and can help to avoid a financial crisis.

Even something as simple as knowing how the current year tithes and offerings compare to the prior year for the same time period can be helpful. Some financial metrics can even provide insight into how much a church can increase income through teaching, e-giving, etc.

A summary of key data, with areas of interest, should be included for a quick review. If you would like help in this area, please contact us.

Delano Sherley is a CPA and president of Delano Sherley & Associates, Inc.  He can be reached at 513-737-1314.  Delano Sherley & Associates, Inc, 3189 Princetop Road, Suite 228, Hamilton, OH 45011.  Email:  Website:

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