Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

8. Winning Souls picAre you ready to reach your city and win souls? Evangelist Shad McIntosh of Red Rock, Texas is ready to help you take your church to the next level using the Water and the Spirit Bible Study. The study is a culmination of years of studying how people process information and what scriptures really pack a punch when it comes to the necessity of Jesus’ name baptism and the infilling of the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in tongues.

Born with a burden to reach the lost, Shad and Leeann McIntosh began using this method several times a week and baptized every person they taught with the exception of one. “Sis. McIntosh and I have been using this as our first line study for two years now,” explains Bro. McIntosh. We never teach any other salvation Bible study until we have taught this one first. The simplicity and brevity helps the teacher connect with the student and increases the chances of future studies.”

Partnering with the Water & Spirit Team as associates to spread this tool to as many as possible has led to tremendous results. “We baptized more in 2014 than have been baptized in many years combined in the history of the church,” said Bro. McIntosh. “And in 2015 we baptized even more than in 2014. Apostolics across the globe use this study, and everyone that I have come in contact with who follows the instructions has had wonderful results.”

The Water and Spirit Bible Study only covers basic salvation and the infilling of the Holy Ghost. It is repetitious and prompts the student to share the reading so that the student develops an understanding of what the Word says that a person must do to be saved. “This study is scripted and takes about 90 minutes to teach,” says Bro. McIntosh. “Remember not to deviate from the script, no matter how many great salvation scriptures you personally know. It works if you let it. It is always amazing to watch the light come on in their eyes when they finally ‘get it’ and see the need! It is our sincere desire to see as many people as possible baptized in Jesus name, receive the wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost and begin a daily walk with Jesus!”

This study is very reasonably priced with basic packages starting at only $20 and larger packages ranging up to $60. Visit the Water and Spirit Facebook page or the website at for ordering information or to see which package will best meet you or your church’s specific needs.

Churches may also contact Bro. Shad McIntosh if they would like to schedule a “Teach the Teacher Water and Spirit Session” or a Soul Winning clinic. Or e-mail Bro. McIntosh at or visit their evangelism website:


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