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Anne Reece, Moose Lake, MN – We do use original song compositions as well as songs from Chris Tomlin, Kim Walker, Israel Houghton and others. We incorporate a mix of newer and older songs as well. Doctrinal purity is important when bringing in new music. We stand in the gap between God and man in our worship services so we must continue to be careful and prayerful in our song choices.


Sarah Perez, Miami, FL – As a Spanish church we like to bring in original songs to incorporate multiple styles. Once a month, we come together as a group to write original music by doing a “jam session” at home. When using other songs, always make sure they are doctrinally sound and reflect a pure relationship with God.


Brent Edwards, Memphis, TN – We do borrow the vast majority of our songs from a wide variety of artists such as Planetshakers, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and Eddie James. We do know that not every group believes the same Apostolic doctrine, so sometimes we have to change terminology to fit Oneness. Songs must be biblically accurate and have the ability to connect and minister to the congregation.  


Sarah Bledsoe, Champaign, IL – When borrowing songs, one may have to change formats and adapt the song to your worship team and church. When considering and writing original songs, it is important to get opinions from others. As a musician, I enjoy incorporating the instrumental aspects of new songs. Finally, a song must be sung with the anointing of the Holy Ghost in order for it to fulfill the role of true worship.


Mitch McCann, Denver, CO – I’ve been weary of some “Christian” artists’ lifestyles, since their public life does not reflect the words they sing. You want to make sure that the songs come from a true place of worship. If you desire to write, listen to the words your pastor preaches.  Capture the vision, take those moments when you feel no song fits perfectly and turn those thoughts into lyrics.


Jeremy Guzman, Bentonville, AR – There are three criteria for songs that I choose, and it needs to have at least one of the following: Does it glorify God? Is it sanctified, meaning will it bring about pure motives in worship? Lastly, does it edify, meaning does it strengthen the church and build faith?


Melissa Abarca, Elgin, IL – Anyone in music ministry needs encouragement! We inspire original songs by having writing sessions where musicians and singers work together in a group setting on a set of worship song topics. We then record these songs. Music written by Apostolic individuals has the ability to be more anointed, powerful and truthful because it reveals a deeper meaning than perhaps some contemporary worship groups.


Tim Pedigo, Indianapolis, IN – I encourage those who want to write songs to write on a daily basis. Songwriting is a craft where skills need to be learned and enhanced. Apostolic writers draw from a deeper experience and speak through lyrics with a stronger meaning in their original songs. This is because there is an unprecedented depth of understanding that accompanies the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  

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