Fri. May 7th, 2021

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Tupelo Children’s Mansion is not God’s plan for children. Sounds shocking, but it is true. God never intended for parents to abuse and abandon their children. He intended that children would be loved, cherished, nurtured and raised to follow Him.

But we humans—we don’t always follow God’s plan. So He calls others to step in and take over the responsibilities abandoned by us.

That is what TCM does; we step in and take the place of parents. We take in children who are bruised, beaten and covered with cigarette burns . . . children who were kept in dog cages, traded for drugs, exploited sexually and half starved.

We are, quite literally, the hands, feet and voice of freedom for these children.

Tanner was 10. He loved crawfish, sweet tea, his mom and his baby brother. He loved to play baseball. He loved life.

Then the unthinkable happened. His precious baby brother died in a car wreck, and his mother died the next week. In just seven days, his world crumbled.

When Tanner arrived at the Mansion, he was a broken-hearted child. But he is beginning to make a home at TCM. Slowly . . . for pain takes time to heal.

Recently, Tanner spoke about his mother for the first time. One of the female staff members walked by, and he said wistfully, “She smells like my mommy, I miss her so much.”

Tanner was able to go to youth camp a few days ago. And when his housefather unloaded his bags at the campground, Tanner said, “You ARE coming back to get me, right?” The housefather was able to reassure him that he was indeed ALWAYS going to come get him when he needed him.

These little ones—they have such fears. Life has robbed them of even the smallest of securities.

And while we do have licensed counselors to help with the trauma and doctors to help with the physical needs, I am so happy to report that the Great Physician—the Wonderful Counselor—came to live in Tanner’s heart at youth camp, when he was filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost.

This is what makes TCM unique among children’s homes. We do not merely meet their physical, mental and emotional needs. Because we are Apostolic in doctrine and experience, we are able to introduce them to Jesus, who meets their soul need.

When you partner with us, we don’t just change their lives; we help change their eternities!




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