Sat. May 8th, 2021

carol clemans

What is God-based counseling? It is using the Word of God to replace toxic thoughts. Every counselor is different because of his/her knowledge of God, life experiences and education. In teaching God’s Word over 50 years and as a Certified Pastoral Counselor for 24 years, God’s Word has the answers to life’s brokenness. I have witnessed God’s spiritual healing mercies for thousands of people who chose to follow and believe God’s truth.

Romans 12: 1 & 2 are foundational scriptures for my counseling. Verse one instructs born-again believers to present our bodies as a living sacrifice unto God that is our reasonable worship. True worship is living our life moment by moment reflecting the glory of God. We must be responsible to God for our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Verse two is God’s instruction for spiritual, emotional and relational growth. We can be transformed by renewing our minds with God’s truth. When we know the truth, the truth shall set us free – free from stinkin-thinkin! We are to be renewed in the spirit of our mind!

Science has proven that 75–98% of illnesses are due to toxic thinking – Dr. Caroline Leaf. God says as a man thinks in his heart so is he. God says death and life are in the power of the tongue. Science has proven when we think and speak negatively our brain creates blackness. When we think and speak positively, our brain lightens up and produces new connectors. Science is catching up to the wisdom of God. It’s God’s truth and power that transforms and heals hearts, souls, minds and bodies. Speak God’s truth to replace toxic thinking!

We must ask, “What is God’s truth?” about any situation. Abuse victims feel they are worthless, helpless, hopeless, unlovable, etc. God’s truth is that we are not defined by our past hurt and pain. We are now a new creation in God. We were created in His image and likeness and are washed by His blood. New is defined as unused without fault.  God’s truth does replace toxic thoughts!


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