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Wrapped in His Arms

Stephen Judd

By Stephen Judd

TCM President


When you support Tupelo Children’s Mansion, you are helping to rescue children like Miriam and Anthony, who were born to a teenage mother who loved the party scene more than she loved her children.


They spent the first few years of their lives in the drug and alcohol-ridden party rooms that their mother dragged them along to, except for the times she left them—all alone—while she went out to get high.


When they were left with us at the Mansion, they huddled together, tightly gripping one another, their lips quivering, as yet another adult in their life drove away, leaving them with yet another set of strangers.


But we are strangers no longer!


We are loving them and gently introducing them to what it feels like to be touched with gentle hands that feed and heal, instead of hurt and bruise.

We are placing them in the gentle arms of Jesus, Who is wrapping His love around their minds and around their souls.


If you would to make a difference in the lives of Miriam and Anthony, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor. You can sponsor online at or call 662-791-7726. You will not only be changing their lives, you’ll be changing their eternities.

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