Sat. May 8th, 2021



Volume 25 Number 12,

Goodness and Mercy In The House of the Lord,

Pastor Charles Shearer,

Saraland, AL




Volume 25 Number 11,

Apostolics In Politics,

Now Is The Time, This Is The Place, You Are The One,

Pastor J B Sims, Foley, AL





Volume 25 Number 10

Indiana Bible College

25 Years








Volume 25 Number 9,

Revival in the Aloha State,

Pastor Richard McGriffin,

Honolulu, HI



2511Volume 25 Number 8,

Casting Down Imaginations,

Passionate About Souls,

Pastor Jesse Starr

Minot, ND



Volume 25 Number 7,

A Servants Heart,

Michael A Patterson,

Conyers, GA





Volume 25 Number 6,

Finding the Truth in the Maze of Tradition,

Pastor Marty Johnson,

Camden, TN





Volume 25 Number 5,

An Undeniable Experience,

Pastor David Myers,

Palm Bay, FL




Volume 25 Number 4,

Making Prayer a Priority,

Pastor Arthur C Naylor,

Lambertville, NJ





Volume 25 Number 3,

The Core of Revival, 

Pastor Tom Trimble,

St Charles, MO



Volume 25 Number 2,

The Paradox of Authority,

Igniting The Flame Within,

Pastor Daniel Flemming,

Ames, IA


january-coverVolume 25 Number 1,

That All May Come,

Igniting The Flame Within,

Pastor Rick L Stoops,

Augusta, ME

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