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Stephen Judd – What To Do With A Worn-Out Blanket

Stephen Judd

Johnny arrived at the Mansion a few days ago with a trash bag of mismatched clothes, four books, a football and a very worn-out blanket.

Within a few hours, all of his clothes had been washed and folded neatly in his dresser with many new items added to the mix.

On top of his freshly made bed—with fresh sheets, a pillow and a new bedspread—was a cute little stuffed animal, waiting to be hugged. A goody basket, with some personal care items and small toys, was sitting on his dresser.

Newly arriving children are often embarrassed and reluctant to ask for things at first, so we try to anticipate what they may need.

The blanket that Johnny brought with him appeared to be beyond saving. It was literally falling apart and had multiple stains, so the housemother placed it aside intending to throw it away, seeing as he had a brand new comforter on his bed.

When it was time for bed, Johnny began searching frantically for the worn-out blanket that he had brought with him. When he was told that it had been removed and why, he began to sob uncontrollably. He exclaimed that it was all he had from his mom, that it smelled like her and that he couldn’t sleep without it.

As you can imagine, Johnny got his worn-out blanket back and has slept with it every night since his arrival nearly a month ago!

He and his housemother have worked out an agreement to take the blanket and use the salvageable pieces that are most intact to make a teddy bear. Every night, in a sense, he’ll be able to hug a piece of his mom.

This will be Johnny’s first Christmas at the Mansion. It will probably be his first real Christmas ever.

The Mansion kids are overwhelmed with joy on Christmas morning as they open the gifts that are provided for them by their sponsors.

They would be thankful to just have some necessities and a good meal, but because of our generous supporters, they receive not only what they need and a fabulous Christmas dinner, but also so much more.

They are so appreciative. Some of them have never had their own “anything.”

Will you help us make this Christmas the best Christmas ever for our Mansion children?

Would you consider sending a special Christmas gift today of $10, $25, $100…or more, if possible?

A generous gift this holiday season—whatever you can afford—will enable us to provide our children with the special memories of this Holy Season that you so fondly remember from your childhood.

Please act now! Your support will make a difference in these young lives. Thank you for lighting the way for “our” children as they journey to the hope and healing promised by the gift of the Christ Child.

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