Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Tim Massengale

#1 Strategy for 2017

What’s the best thing you can do to help your church double in 3-5 years? Focus on helping your ministry team succeed in their evangelism plans. First, meet with your ministry team and plan in detail what you would like to do to win souls in 2017 (a planning retreat). Have each leader hand in a one-year plan for their departmental plans and activities that supports and promotes growth. Finally, commit to meet with your team monthly, on an off-church night, and step-by-step implement these strategic plans.

This monthly planning session will do more for seeing ministry success than anything else you can do. Keys to monthly counsel success are: (1) set dates for all monthly meetings for the entire year. (2) Get a commitment from each leader to attend faithfully (or to have someone attend in their place if needed). (3) Provide snacks, drinks, sit around a long table. (4) Begin each session with a short season of prayer (about 10 minutes). (5) Teach a 10-15-minute leadership training lesson – short and to the point. (6) Collect a short, written departmental report from each leader. (7) Take each department, one-by-one, and as a group, discuss their upcoming plans for the next three months (most activities should come from their written one-year plans). (8) Most departments should have one or more activities each year that are evangelism focused. Discuss how to make each activity an evangelism success. Include event follow-up. (8) Start on time and end on time. Keep the meetings fun, focused, and fruitful.

Few churches can grow without a team ministry emphasis. This is what Jesus did – He assembled a team, trained them, and commissioned them to reach their world. To grow, you must be willing to do the same.

If you wish details on effective monthly planning sessions, call 1-800-800-0247 and order Total Church Growth.  Or contact PPH.

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