Tue. May 11th, 2021

Jesus is coming! Are you ready? We must be born again of water and Spirit (John 3:3-5). We must obey Acts 2:38. But beyond our initial salvation, we must be holy as He is holy! We cannot be verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to others and be saved. How we treat others is how we are treating God. (This comes from issues I counsel nationwide – people who claim salvation but harm others with anger, bitterness and unforgiveness. We must have holiness of the heart to be ready for Jesus to return).

How can we live holy? Allow the Holy Ghost to control our every thought, feeling and action. Be patient, kind, good, faithful and meek with self-control (Galatians 5). Our words and actions reveal what is in our heart. Forgiving others is a gift to self as an act of obedience to the Lord.

Praying always in the Spirit (Eph. 6:18) is having an ongoing inner dialogue with God in everything we do. Pray for God’s wisdom daily. Ask yourself, “Do others see God in me? Is my family learning about God by my actions?”

The most important question is, “Do I have an intimate relationship with God that governs my life? Do I glorify God in my body and spirit that belong to God?” (1 Cor. 6). True worship is presenting our body as a living sacrifice unto God (Romans 12:1 & 2 AMP), putting God first in all we do.

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