Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

“Why?” is a question every parent dreads! Simple to ask. Often hard for the parent to answer. Yet, “why?” is important in life and church. Sustained growth and people development depends on knowing why.

Why we do is more important than what we do. Why is more important than how we do what we do.

  • Why have a class dedicated to converts, if the church currently only has one convert?
  • Why send a bi-weekly email to converts?
  • Why have homework associated with each Take Root class?
  • Why have a public graduation celebration for converts?
  • Why send first-time visitors 6-8 email letters?

I often ask, “Why?” A leader unable to explain “why” often mimics another’s behavior, without understanding the principle behind the behavior. Not knowing “why” results in an unfocused waste of resources.

Jimmy Toney (director of North American Missions for the UPCI) acquainted me with Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, titled The Golden Circle. Sinek’s presentation deserves a look. It is three concentric circles labeled “what,” “how” and “why.” The three questions will determine your effectiveness in anything meaningful.

  • The largest circle reflects “what” is done.
  • Sinek’s middle circle is “how.” Answering “how” reflects both systems and quality.
  • The inner or golden circle is “why.”

Knowing “why” allows a leader to comfortably adjust what is happening and the system being used. “Why” gives a basis for change and adaptation. Learn why! Three practical tools at reflect my interest in “why.” The How and Why of New Convert Care may be the most important handbook you read this year. It gives the rationale for dealing with newcomers in specific ways. In all things, know “why” and your “what” and “how” will be clearer. Monthly, on the last Tuesday (7:30 CST) join my Facebook Live Webinar on Disciple-making.

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